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Would you choose to die?

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    Would you choose to die?

    If you discovered you had a chronic illness would you try every method to extend your life?
    Surgery, medication etc.

    Remember extend, the quality of life may not be great....but it'll be longer.

    I'm not asking about assisted suicide...definitly haram.

    It really depends.

    If I have an aim in life and I want to achieve it then its not a bad idea to extend my life but I would never like to be dependent on other people for living my life. for e.g. you have a disease and you can't even go to washroom then its not a pleasent feeling to live.


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      I would do everything I can to lessen the pain but I would never try and extend my life. I think it's futile to try and extend your life it often leads to an extended period of pain.

      Farouq Taj.


        You said assisted suicide is haram but then what does it mean choose to die? If you choose to die you are not going to call Mulkulmaut, you will suicide, right? So it is again haram.

        rest is that when one has some chronic illness all he/she can do is to make it less painful and live somewhat normal life. No one can EXTEND his/her life.


          Is refusing to take medicines choosing to die? My grandfather refused to take medicines when he felt not much point in going on. I wonder if it is conidered haram.


            Kashmirigirl: First of all you can never try to extend your life. You are going to live only the time you are given by the Allah (SWT). So there is no sense to say "to extend the life"
            I agree with the others that I would try my best to lessen the pain and uncomfortness as much as I could and then I would leave the results on the Allah. If he decided to take me back , I would not object and if he gives me cureness and let me live more, I would be thankful to HIM.


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              I read a statistical survey (don't ask me how it was done, I never understood that) that people who have considered susicide more than once in their life don't commit suicide. It is something like psychological vaccination. You thought about it and forgot it good.

              But tjis is probably not true since I know a case in which person was saved once but he went ahead and committed suicide.

              I have personally thought of commiting suicide once in childhood for an absolutely stupid reason (My tabla coach scolded me for not learning Tritaal after a month. I left the class after that.) It is obvious that I did not do it.


                Yes, Allah (swt) ultimatly decides death/life.

                You choose to wear a seatbelt. you choose to look b4 you cross the street.

                In the hospital you are given choices:

                To have surgery or not
                To have CPR or not
                To not have heart starting, slowing etc medications
                To be placed on a breathing machine or not

                People choose daily to or not to have life saving procedures. Some survive, some exist longer and some die.

                Aren't we as humans supposed to try to live by any means possible?

                BUt we choose our actions in life and is not taking the choice giving up and thereby choosing to die?


                  Kash: You are right and I think we both are saying the same thing in different words and in different ways. I agree with you 100%.



                    thats the same thing KG.

                    You can decide to improve the quality of life but cannot decide to extend it



                      I agree with Kashmirigirl

                      You can try to extend your life BUT only if Allah(swt) wants you to. As the saying goes - if you gotta go you you gotta go. There is no way any artificial aids going to save you. I don't think it is possible to extend your life in anyway at all as you are destined to this life for a cetain period (different for each person), so if for arguments sake your life is destined to end at the age of 100, and you have a heart attack at 50 then you will do such actions as to keep you going til the age of 100. The end result is that you may thing that you have extended your life by 50 years but in reality you have not because you were due to die at 100.

                      Remember there is only one being that can give life and take it away!!!


                        life is a gift from Allah, "to him we belong and to him we will return" we should cherish our life and do everything we can to look after it, so i think (PG) that taking medicines to help would be the right thing to do..... for those of u who dont know, but black seed oil is a remedy which was recommended by the Prophet, who said "it is the cure to all diseases except death"