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World Union of MUSLIM students?

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    World Union of MUSLIM students?

    There is a way professional and vocal Union of JEWISH students, but there doesnt seem to be a muslim equivalent. There are Muslim unions all over the place, but not 1 united body representing the future prominent muslims.

    Google didnt produce a "World muslim students union" so is there one and if not should 1 be set with concentratying on uniting muslim opinion between students in Uk/US universities and then branching out into Australiasia, ME and Africa/Latin America?

    We need a counter body for this Jewish thing man, they get political young and influencial. One cat was on Newsnight today!

    hmm...yup i agree....
    several orgs have been started but nothing really became of them....
    thank God atleast for MSA national


      Yeah I saw there site-but they represent muslims students in the USA and Canada-maybe a few hundred thousand students?

      Any figures on the no. of muslim students in N.America?

      European muslim students have nothing matching that, I mean between UK,France and a few other EU states, there are many more times the no. of muslim students-yet they lack a collective voice.

      Cant MSA be extended to become a World MSA?

      With proper funding this could replace the BS OIC joke group-what have they ever done?!


        mo ji, maybe, but then again these students are just students and oic is like the org for the govt's of muslim countries :~)