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Does Chatting make u less human?

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    Does Chatting make u less human?

    Hey friends,
    what do u think? Does a person who gets addicted to chatting on the net forget his normal social etiquette? My friend keep teasing me that i'll end up married to the comp But seriously, i am getting a bit worried now.... since one isn't looking into the other guys face while chatting over the net, it does become a bit unnaturally open... and i suspect that this makes me feel bolder in normal conversation now...Am i becoming a machine?
    What dyu feel?
    Simple ain't easy.

    My personal opinion:

    I think its important to let yourself out of your home - its not healthy (physically or socially) to be attached to your computer. The real world is unlike the "internet chat" world, and interactions are very much different. In order to learn effective communication skills and enhance your life expierences you should try to have a social life outside of cyberspace. Anything in excess is harmful, including spending to much time on the net.