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Why is different names

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    Why is different names

    I have recently started visiting in this web site. Good site for desi people. But I felt that people have been using diffrent names for the same person and writing again and again the same things.
    Few of these names I have noticed.

    A) Nova & Muzna
    I am sure about them.They do not write much but I think they are same person. They write same thoughts, same ideas, same opinion and some time same language.In some of the threads, they write just after each other to reinforce thier thouhts and ideas. Am I wrong ??
    B)Kiran khan/mahnoor/zarakhan
    Every body knows they are same person. People have been complaning about that but I don,t know what kind of enjoyment they get using diffrent names.

    C) Achtung/ uic doc/ Zaman
    Pretty much the same thoughts and ideas. Acceptable. but some time they seem to speak the same language and have the same thoughts process. Is it just the co incident?

    D) Aadmi/Fatah
    Although they seem to fight with each other and differ with their ideas, but it is just a trick. If u read them closely u will find that in fact they seems to endorse each others,s thought.

    E) Jewel of insignificance/saqibji
    I think that due to hard criticism on some of his writtings, jewls decided to use diffrent names and Ids. He has been using diffrent names now and trying to creat a favorable atmosphere for him. Old trick
    F) Stud/Boss
    G) Farid/Mudasser

    H) NYahmadi/Mirza Yasir. Prapgating Qadyani prpaganda. They did not find too much supporter so they decided to use diffrent names to acknowledge and reinforce each other and to show their support.

    and some others.

    these are my assumptions based on certain observations. I could be wrong not totally but partially. If I hurt somebody,s feelings then I am sorry.
    please don't take it serious. Thses are just thoughts.


    interesting observations!!!

    wonder what these poeple have to say!!!
    cuz I know for a fact Muzna and Nova are not the same person


      Dear Bushra,

      I can assure you their is only one of me on GupShup. Although I may suffer from schizophrenia, I haven't brought it out on these posts (yet)



        You HAD to bring this topic up did'nt ya?


          I have noticed a lot of nicks that express same views....but that is the fun of web/internet...anonimity/role is just a game. I don't mind people with multiple nicks as long as they are using them in constructive manner. I have never tried to match them up but you are probably right their are many others....maybe even me....LOL.....hehehehehe



            u are cool bushra
            But there is onething for sure this is not ur very first post in here LOL

            mostly when ppl change nicks they try to act oppositely. So they dont have same views but can be caught by their writing style. There are a couple of 'em i know for sure

            But these are not the thinks so:

            Muzna and nova same no way
            achtung and zman nah dont think so
            jewels and saqib not even close



              Well, I am sure Bushra is no body else,
              but our old friend Sarfraz. Nice trick
              Sarfraz. Btw, long time no C.

              Regards, Imran


                How did you get to be soo smart.
                Lagtta haay bohat badam khaatty ho.



                  hello bushra,
                  hmmmmmmm so whatz bout u?????
                  Similarly, whatz bout me????????

                  okay now seriously,
                  According to my personal observations.

                  About Muzna and Nova, nupz i dont think so, first of all Muzna is in Administration. Secondly, Muzna has a quite different personality than Nova jee. Similar thinking doesnt means that the personalities are similar too.

                  Achtung and zman. Sorry to say, again a wrong assumption.
                  Achtung and zman are not only two different personalities but they have different thoughts, different language and different ideas too.
                  Plus, u will never find any smily face in zman posts whether its a funny one or not, while Achtung uses them usually.

                  And about jewelz my cool friend.
                  I know it so well that who was he and who is he. Kiyon jewels, m i wright?

                  logon sunno,
                  bushra and samreen are similar personalities too
                  Just kidding
                  bushra is bushra and samreen is samreen

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                    But did you guys ever notice that Kashmirgirl, Jack Handy and Abdulla are the same person.

                    I know it for sure.



                      NO PG u are wrong these three cannot be the same.
                      I am sure abt it.



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                          Cool down Ahmadi yaar, why get so angry? People will have conspiracy theories. What is so serious? Who cares what we write anyway?



                            Well done Bushra.
                            Good picks.
                            I agree with most of the readers that achtung/uicdoc/Zaman are not the same. They are quiet diffrent.
                            As far as I know, iuicdoc is a physican lives in Chicago and has a very different appraoch then the other two. Achtung lives in Canada, I think . Some of the readers know him personally.
                            Rest of the others?
                            I think u are right. Muzna and Nova do speak for each others all the time and some time in a same language and tone. Being an adminstrator it doesn't mean that u can not use two (or three ) diffrent names to show the support of your writings.
                            The response of NY ahmadi also shows that DAL NEIN KUCH KALA HE.
                            It will be interesting to see the response of the others.

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