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Achtung, Don't draw wrong conclusions from Western News

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    Achtung, Don't draw wrong conclusions from Western News

    This world is full of weird things and weird people. You will find lots of thing happening around you which are UNSUAL or STRANGE or may be SHAMEFULL or EMBARRASSING according to our society norms and standards.
    In this thread, I do not want to defend those behaviors. I condemn them now and I will condemn them forever, wherever it happens or who ever does it.
    But I want to emphasize the fact that these people and these stories are not restricted to any particular regions or society. If it happens in Pakistan and Afghanistan and it happens in USA and Europe as well.
    Unfortunately, not too many people realize that when these UNUSUAL or SHAMEFULL things happen in USA and the West, we (under the influence of media) take them as exceptional cases ( although some of them are really rampant in USA) and we do not tend to think that every body in this society is doing that.
    No American who reads and listens the news every day, will deny the fact that our news are filled with the stories of the American people with unusual and strange behaviors.
    Let me give you just two stories (out of thousands like that), one few years old and one recent one.

    In 1994, South Carolina story, of a mother named Smith was sentenced to life in prison for drowning her two sons in a South Carolina lake.. She confessed nine days after she reported that 3-year-old Michael and 14-month-old Alex had been abducted by a carjacker. She tied them in car seat and then threw the car in the river. You know why, because she was in love with a person and the person did not like her children.

    Just few days ago in Naperville, Illinois, USA a women killed her three young and innocent children in such a brutal way that no body can imagine. The story from Chicago Sun time of March 8, 1999

    "…Lemak was arrested Friday after she called police to tell them her children were dead. When police arrived at the family's home, the scene inside left some officers in tears. Emily, 6, was in her mother's bed. Her brothers, Nicholas, 7, and Thomas, 3, were in their beds. They looked as if they were sleeping, one investigator said later. All three had been drugged Thursday evening with a non lethal mixture of aspirin and medications to make them sleepy, authorities said. She then allegedly covered their mouths and pinched their noses to suffocate them……"

    These are just two stories out of thousand like that which happened in USA every day.
    The same paper on the same day edition quoted that, "Each year, at least 1,500 American children are killed by their parents, said Ewing, who cites a U.S. Justice Department study in urban counties" (Chicago Sun times, March 8, 1999.).

    If somebody collects all these news and stories just during last ten years, make a news report on that ( like ABC did on Pakistani women), I am sure that the picture of America and American society which will emerge out this report, will be more shameful and embarrassing then ours. But this is not true. We all live in this society and we all know that these events are not wide spread that we can extrapolate it to the whole society.

    But unfortunately, when some thing like this happens in our countries the Western and US media propagate those stories in such way that every body gets the impression that those are the norms of the society and each and every (or at least majority of the ) people do it or appreciate it. It is the effect of their news coverage that even a reasonable and sensible people start wondering, is it the norms of the society? Do lots of other people do that? Does it happen all over the Afghanistan or Pakistan or may be all over the Muslim countries etc etc.
    The recent report of ABC on the status of Pakistani Women and more recently the report of New York times about an Afghanistani man kissing the genitalia of his son (Achtung in, a separate thread, has created a whole discussion based on this news) are the two obvious examples of this media propaganda against the East in general and against Islam and Islamic countries in particular..

    Dear Fatah,

    First of all I'd like to apoligize to anyone who was offended by my thread, that wasn't my intention. I was in fact personally intrigued and curious about this practice, which I had never heard about.

    You wrote:
    "...the report of New York times about an Afghanistani man kissing the genitalia of his son...[is an] obvious example of this media propaganda against the East in general and against Islam and Islamic countries in particular.."

    I'm not sure if it is an example of media propaganda against Islam or Islamic countries. It is news about a local event which occured in the US. The story was created in a fashion to encourage debate on the discrepancies between cultural relativism and the universality of human rights. I agree with you though, the media in the west is guilty of being biased against Islam and Muslims, and does a good job of spreading myths about our religion, culture and practices.

    Your post seems to assume that a father kissing his infants genitalia is a "shameful" act. I on the other hand, never viewed it as such. I don't see anything wrong with the practice, the intention of the father is to show his love for his child, there is nothing perverse about it. The father is not a "pedophile", he is simply showing his gratitude and affection in a traditional way.
    My question was to weather this practice is actually carried out in Afghanistan - if the story is based on fiction or fact, thats the answer I was hoping to get. Obviously this man contested the removal of his child, by citing the cultural practices of his homeland in defence of his (in my opinion) harmless act of love. I was just curious as to weather or not, this cultural practice he cited in defence of his actions is a reality or a myth.

    My intention wasn't to propagate misleading information about Muslims or Islam or cultural practices (thats the last thing I'd like to be accused of). It was quite the opposite. My intention was to verify the validity of the story. Sorry if I offended you. I can edit the thread and remove it if you wish.