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    HA HA!!

    The situation of poverty and hunger in both Bangladeh and India is worse than Pakistan. You should be ashamed. My father went to Dhaka 4 years ago because he was in Air force and they sent him as a radar engineer to bangladesh for two weeks. My father told me that more then half of the people of Dhaka don't even have enough cloth to hide their bodies. Another of my uncle also went there and he described the same plight.

    So we shouldn't look at the wealth of government but we should look at the the people. Alhamdolilah we are far better than them. But as muslim brothers and also for the sake of humanity we have sympathy for them and for you too, for having such thinking. May Allah, help us all.



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      It is a nonsense to compare poverty in the subcontinent.

      Indians should be ashamed of calcutta crowd who do not know how to watch the game. Their players do not know how to play and spectators don't know how to see it.


        I agree with mirzayasir and PG.

        Also indianbaba why you have not mentioned India's rate?


          India is much better right now. But economy is ailing and one more bad monsoon + fall of this govt. could mean going to IMF next summer.


            indian baba,
            you are so thrilled by this discovery that you posted it in two different forums.....maybe it really made you feel good about yourself..enjoying somebody's misery...hmmmm
            but what you said is probably true....india and Bangladesh are better off economically..and maybe culturally too...which is good....
            I dont know if we should be ashamed ....yes we should take charge of situation , and do what needs to be done to improve it...
            Are u thinking of being supportive to your neighbours in there quest for prosperity....and make friends in the process , or are u content with enjoying their misfortune......
            Food for thought.....ourr role in any situation defines who we are ....see what confirms with your aspirations ....
            Good luck...


              The whole sub continent is a basket case when it comes to economics and financial infrastructure.And one cannot compare one wrong with another wrong.We simply have to admit that the countries in the sub continent have a long struggle ahead to improve the living condition of their people and provide them with atleast the basic necessities of life.I believe there is nothing we cannot acheive what the nations in the west have acheived with regards to general well being and comfort of their people.


                I think IndianBaba's comments are in very bad taste. The guy is out of his mind !!


                  I dont know if Pakistan should be ashamed of a line of statistics,but i know for sure that indianbaba should be ashamed of posting such messages which tarnish india's image!
                  Sorry pakis if Ur feelings are hurt!
                  from an indian brother
                  Simple ain't easy.


                    I agree with Bombaykid and Queer.... indianbaba stop this nonsense. Pakistan and India are parts of same coin.



                      INDIA RULES
                      INDIA HAS BETTER ARMY THAN PAKIS


                        Indian Baba
                        There is a saying which goes like this in Punjabi:

                        "Chujj ki kuoway chaneni noun jin aap khud sou chaik"


                          I'LL WRITE MY OPINION IF IT COUNTS?
                          DONT BE CONFUSED BY THE NAME , YES I'M A PAKI.


                          [Note: This message has been edited by kashmirigirl]


                            As much I as I hate to disagree with Indianbaba - I must admit he is right.

                            -Pakistan has a growth rate of 5.5% compared to 7.7% for India - despite its larger size.

                            - India has made great strides in eliminating proverty given their situtaion - the percapita income used to be abt 200+ dollars apart in the 50's is now just $70 apart. - despite the population.

                            - INdian agriculture has upto 3 times the per hectare yield as Pakistani agricluture. - despite Pakistans natural advantages of the River deltas. eg,, Indian Punjab is roughly less than a thrd of Pakistan Punjab furnishes the food for a billion INdians. Pakistani Punjab about 3 times its size is plagued with recurring agricultural shortages and inefficiencies - we vacillate back & forth in food sufficiency.

                            _ Indian boasts a middle class of over 300 million ppl - roughly abt 33% percent of its populkation. Literacy estimmates are around 58-60%. Paksitan in stark conttrast hs literacy rates of less than 25% and has one of the smallest middle class communities -ie 15% of the population.

                            - IN 1972 Bangaladesh under poakistani tuteledge was measure as 178th in the community of nations in terms of the wealth index. NOw it ranks at 122 - surpassing almost 50 another nations - once thought of as a basketcase - is now a vigourously growing economy.

                            Pakistani currency was almost 50c higher on the dollar ( ie 50% ) than the indian rupee. NOw we are about 20c less thanb the indian counter part. Thats a loss of abt 70c in 30 years.- in relative terms.

                            Pakistan was one of the few countries that refuses to accepts it corrupt status - recently it was one of the few that refused to attend a congference dealing with third world corruption.

                            Pakistani politicians - are not just corrupt - but actual brigands & criminals - both of the political party heads stand accussed of scamming billions of rupees from the exchequer. We are probably one of the few countries in the world whose cabinet minister has a criminal record in a european country for molesting a woman.

                            Pakistan is one of the few contries in the world which regularly and ( officialy sanctions) on issues of child labor, woman rights, minority rights, press freedoms.

                            Pakistan is also one of the few countries that practices ethnic apartheid based on regional, linguistic and tribal lines.

                            - The genocidal suppresion of civilian population in Bangladesh.- 71

                            - The suppression of Baluch rights - 74

                            - The suppression in Interior Sind. - 80's

                            - The ongoing official sanctioned & polictically motivated extra-judicial killings - Karachi.

                            - The uprooting of Punkabi *& Pukthoon immigrants in interior sind to appease regional interests.

                            - The rejection of Pakistani citizens 300K stranded in Bangladesh- by denying them safe passage back home because of their Bihari ethncity

                            - The list goes on & on...

                            For too long have we lived in a atmosphere of denial annd we look the other way because we are not affected.


                              jack take the first flight to india my friend. and same holds for everyother india lover living in the PAKLAND. Pakistan has its share of problems and india would be the last country in the world for PAKISTAN to feel inferior of. No matter what the economy position of PAKISTAN is no one sleeps hungry in PAKLAND.

                              Its PAKISTAN who has shielded the muslim umma from the russian and indian plans of occupying muslim world back in the 80s. And its PAKISTAN which is called the fort of muslim world and not without a reason. So before pulling all of these figures which represent nothing but a jewish mind of urs look at the bigger picture.