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      at becoming a member....
      without doing any hard work like posting real useful posts like most gupshuppers

      ooops did not notice that i am already a member
      Yippeee... so does the admin send us a special card? a gift? or even a thank you for posting so many posts???
      waiting for admin ...


        hey thatz not fair
        i've got two or three more posts to go before i become a member, but i think i'll do it the rough and tough way...itz more fun earning it!

        And thanx for giving me an oppurtunity to post one more mesg!
        Simple ain't easy.


          Dear Queer. The following is my reply to Blitz's question on how to become a full member. You may find it usefull to. And this thing of posting a lot of messages is a misinformation. It takes more than a lot of posts.

          Dear Blitz.

          It's not easy to become a full member here. It takes some natural talent. In addition to touching your tongue to your nose, and calculating standard deviation to the 9th decimal point in your head, it takes a lot of butt kissing skills. I had to tell Umar Talib how wonderful he is, and how his name has such historical significance. To Kashmirigirl, I had to tell her how beautiful the valleys of Kashmir are, the flowing streams of turquoise blue water, the breathtaking hand made crafts, and how I love to eat Kashmiri food three times a day, and that my favorite dish is Nedar and Haaq in Yakni, and the second favorite Muiinja Haaq and how I can live on Kashmiri cuisine for the rest of my life. So my dear friend Blitz, if you want to become a full member, try to practice some of the skills I have mentioned.



            hellooooo hmc

            where have u been? havnt seen ya around

            oh i see u've been doing some hard work!
            way to go!!

            rough and tough way ? really?

            NOw this reply should be considered very useful.


              hey Zainab
              how have YOU been ... i did not see you online yeterday night.. may be came on at the wrong time ...LOL

              well yes I have been working very hard have i not ... and now it shows...LOL

              NYA & Queer--

              hmmm ... butt kissing.....LOL... brings up odd images of you...LOL.....

              but anyway queer the limit i think is 31... so if you can get 31 threads going at the same time then your made

              of course claiming you really like kashmiri food might also help

              take care and good luck


                Hey hmcq,
                lets see if it's 30 or 31!If it's 30,then i become a full member right now!!!!
                Check out my profile....
                Simple ain't easy.


                  Hey hmcq,
                  U r right! It's 31,not 30...but is it really 31?i still don't know...i 'll check it out as soon as i post this one - my 31st mesg....
                  I hope nobody minds this kind of postings ... but then,i can hardly stop myself now!The thrill of becoming a full member in GUPSHUP's got to my head
                  So hmcq,what did they send u on becoming a full member?
                  Simple ain't easy.



                    Congrats my friend!!!
                    You are a full fledge memeber now
                    wow aint it great and that too with a
                    'rough and tough way'


                      So that is what it takes to be a full member....30 posts...not so bad....

                      When I posted my first post here and saw Junior member under my name...I have to admit..I felt little embarassed...App logon ne meri Bazurgi ka bhi kuchh khayal nahi kia....

                      Any way..Now that I know I need 30 posts to be a member..feels little bit better...

                      CM - Soon to be a full member....

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                        the admin did nto evn send an auttomated response saying i ahd benn promoted... now i feel at a loss... ahving worked soooooo hard ( ) for the promotion and not even a word of encouragement...LOL



                          [This message has been edited by Rubiya Nur (edited July 30, 2000).]


                            your welcome Rubiya..
                            of course if i had not written that then i would ahve had to post another one some where else ...LOL

                            bhie hum mushkil to hai nahee... bus hume koi a phol he baij deta to hum khush ho jate... poori gupshupp me promotaion huhi hai... koi asan chez to nahee hai...LOL

                            Age is a matter of the mind, if you mind then it matters


                              Hey Guyz!!!

                              Hmcq thanks for helping me add another Post so I can also attain the rights of being an ever so *priviledged* member!!

                              a coupla more postings to go and I will be initiated lol