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Oh Yeah ! Well They May Have Madhuri But We Have Junnoon and and and uh...

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    Oh Yeah ! Well They May Have Madhuri But We Have Junnoon and and and uh...

    Yes you heard me. We Pakis have great music bands like Junoon. They rock and roll. Also Vital signs , (even though I think Junaid Jamshed is a sissy) but they still make quality music.
    And we dont make songs like

    Chuma Chuma Daide Chuma !

    (Even though This song reflects my inner most desires )

    And Yes we also have Imran Khan. (Even though he is an explayboy he talks about Islam ? ) but still he is Number One.

    And yes Our Prime Minister is balder than your Vajpayee.

    Ok fine you have Amitabh but we have ... we have ... uh uh ummmm we have ...
    we have .... Jan Rambo? (Ok that was a mistake)


    And Lata???

    Nawaz gave invitation to Vajapayee and Lata. Though Vajapayee caught the next afternoon bus to Lahore, no reply yet from Lata.


      and we have dirty rats who live in PAKISTAN eat in PAKISTAN but r more faithful to the hinduland.

      Only in PAKISTAN....


        yeah whatever.


          Yaar maira kya qasoor haay.
          I love madhury , and amitabh ,and khan , and whats the name of the new lady...kajol...specially her , ,,,,, and janoon, and noor jehan , and..........


            Yeah....I think there's nothing wrong in a Pakistani loving Indian artists or vice-versa --- it definitely doesn't make them less patriotic !!


              You go BombayKid!

              Michael Jackson has visited India,
              But our dear Maulvies never let him in.

              Little do they know, Michael does no worse than the one's doing in our own country!

              (I think I just started a war!)


                You know whats the most hilarious part --- Guess who invited Michael Jackson in India --- Bal Thackeray !!!!!! (I am serious). And his loonies attacked a theatre in Bombay which was playing the film "Fire" on the grounds that the films lesbian theme is alien to our culture ! So Bal Thackeray's logic seems to be that while "Fire" is full of vulgarity, Michael Jackson's pelvic thrusting dances are not. I am not a big fan of Michael Jackson, but I feel that politicians in our countries should stop being the moral guardians of the people. I also hear arguments from Pakistanis saying that there's been a cultural invasion from India through films --- I really don't think that Pakistani culture is so weak as to be threatened by Indian films. I any case I never understood why Pakistani's are so obssessed by Indian films...I personally am not a big fan. Although I must add that I like Madhuri --- but I am sure it must be because she is Maharashtrian like me -- hehe !!


                  Tell me about it!!!

                  I mean I practically grew up in an enviroment where every one was obsessed with Indian films and Pakistani Dramas.

                  But I always kept myself away from them. The songs, everything.

                  I always managed to get an English movie to fulfill my needs of entertainment. And to be Extremely honest, I've learnt ENGLISH WATCHING MOVIES.

                  Laugh all you want but I know its true.

                  I was never taken in ESL in school when I arrived in Canada. They took me to the most difficult class of English there was.
                  The sole reason being, the English songs, movies and a little help from CNN.


                    Ok guys it’s not just entertainment issues…

                    WE’ve got AZAD Kashmir they’ve got occupied Kashmir.(you know I had to add that **smile**)

                    We’ve got gouri they’ve got prithivi.

                    We’ve to friends in China they’ve got friends in Russia.

                    We’ve got friends in America oopps not anymore!!!
                    Well they’ve got Internet/computer friends in America.


                      sorry about this Kasmirigirl, but i am not sure about Ur statement on kashmir.
                      Internationally Pakistan has got P.O.K. and India is got Kashmir.This might seem shocking to Pakistanis who always believe that kashmir was what pakistan had and what indians got was I.O.K.
                      The question as to whom Kashmir belongs is a much hackneyed one and i am not competent enough to pass any statements on the topic, but i had (as an indian), always thought from my schooldays that kashmir was a part of indian territory.
                      I was shocked when i saw an american atlas showing what i thought was one third of what india claimed to be kashmir marked as disputed territory under pak control, later i found that this was called azad kashmir and there were quite a few articles on the net that ,(quite conflictingly),claimed that people here were happy under pak control as well as rebelling under pak control.Obviously showing how difficult it is to get an unbiased report!The first time i visited this site, i found the words I.O.K. and was really surprised;i had heard of POK till then.
                      It was then that i understood why pakistanis hate indians so much..and vice versa..,though its actually much ado about nothing.a paki who is used to iok will surely not accept the idea of pok.and when u studied in school that kashmir is Ur country's part , u surely wont readily accept any claims by other countries!
                      Oops,sorry if i hurt any feelings there , got really carried away!
                      bye for now.
                      Simple ain't easy.


                        No feelings hurt...

                        But, Queer it is the Kashmiri people that call Azad Kashmir the Pakistani one, while the Indian one is IOK.

                        International organizations like the UN, also have called for votes by the Kashmiri people to decide which country they wish to go to. India refuses to allow this. When a country refuses to allow independent voting and uses strict army control well then occupation is occurring.

                        The governmental decisions to title territory is purely political.

                        But….. I don’t think this is the forum to discuss the political situation. If you want to take it to political and we can gupp about it there.

                        Plus it would detract from stud’s thread.

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                          Final word: We rule
                          Pakis drool
                          over our films and songs


                            I'm indianbaba and I'm the actual coolio.

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                              WHAAAAAATTTTT....WHO IS COOLIO ??