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How important is PTV and Radio?

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    How important is PTV and Radio?

    For the people using web, radio and state television are not of much significance in forming opinion.

    For the higher classes with dish antenae and all that, again state sponsored television may not be of important. Dish stuff seems going to middle class also.

    I wonder how much is the reach of state sponsored media in making the opinions of masses.

    Conversely, one more question, how much is their contribution to framing opinions in neighboring countries. Zee TV (which sounds more patriotic than DD) is watched in Pakistan or PTV must be in some parts of India. Are they influencing opinions of masses.

    It will be interesting if someone sitting in Pakistan or recently back from Pakistan replies.

    test reply


      Those who have dish dont bother to watch ptv.

      Those who dont have still dont bother because they watch NTM.

      radio has lost its significance longtime ago. Now it is used for FM band and cricket commentaries.

      Only people in remote areas probably watching Ptv and listening PBC.

      So you can imagine what influence these govt. controlled media can possibly have??


        the question is how many ppl watching from the 'remote' areas? isnt that most of the ppl?


          May be a good number of people are watching in the remote areas of pakistan but does their opinion really matters in the current state of our political scenario?????


            I think their opinion does matter. That's why there is so much propaganda/censorship on PTV.



              And if they dont have PTV they have their jagirdaars.


                I dont think I have to explain any further why their opinion does'nt matter after the Zainab has mentioned "Jageerdars"!!!!!!!!

                Thanks for the reference on Encyclopedia regarding state of Hyderabad.

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                  Hi GP---Kaise Hai AAP?

                  I don't know if I can call your concern as being life threatening to anyone living in Pakistan or even anywhere in the world.. Media is media and nobody can stop them from doing anything..Trust me, I know because I work for Zee TV and its all a load of political bull****.