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    Personal Relationship

    Hi there,

    I don't have a question or anything but just felt like writing this. Have you heard of the term P.R...well..I know people who would die just to make yet another 'contact'. Reason? well, most of the time we make contacts to get a back stage pass in 'whatever' field of life. Also, it is a great satisfaction when u go to an alien party and every one knows you. Some of my friends would love to be uncle sargam when they go out....why? beats me!....In pak it was even worse..a typical instance would be...a friend would conme over and say...hey BoSS I know this girl!...& I used to be like cool...does she know you...& the answer would be...No I just know her car's number plate....
    I find the whole contact thing and the effort behind it simply ridiculous. Its nice to go out and make friends and meet new people but it would be much more wonderful if we don't have a contact mentality.



    You lost me from the first line. I'd like to respond pero yo soi mui stupido and I don't understand what the post was about.


      A.K Buddy u ain't the only one! I'm lost too
      well the point was that when people make 'public' relations just for 'personal' makes me sick and lost!


        Yup me too. I'm here 'cuz I ain't all there

        OK jee I understand now, I think.

        Well I am totally against relationships just for personal gains but there is a fine line between using people just to get ahead and playing the game of "scratch my back I'll scratch yours". It happens all the time at work but in personal relationships that is a different ball game. I'd like to think that people are friendly with me because of me but I'm sure it ain't always that way.



          That reminds me of old days. Everyone would know everyone's car's no. plate and phone no.



            yeah that is mean.


              I think apart from one's real relatives (like father, mother etc) and some very close friends, if you analyze the relationship with others it is most probabaly based on some type personal gain. And that is the fact of life.


                I'm gonna venture out a little further and suggest that even your relationships with relations and close friends are based on some need within you being fulfilled.

                Afterall, the desire to feel loved and appreciated is also a need na?

                Nobody and no relationship is exempt.


                  Hmmmmm... interesting.

                  I agree with Muzna on what he says and I'll try to broaden it with my take on contacts.

                  Contacts help you get ahead in life. If you decide to seclude yourself from everyone, be it work or social life, you'll find yourself dealing with your problems alone. We all need family and friend "contacts" to get by in life.

                  Knowing people in different fields of life helps to solve your specific problems with the specific people whose advise/help can be most beneficial.

                  I do however despise when you goto Pakistan and all you hear left and right is: "Meri oopper thak pohonch hain" or "mein un un logo ko janta hon" Thats what I think BOSS is refering to when he started this thread.



                    yeah Muzna to be loved is a need but it is
                    an emotional requirement. I think Boss meant more of the materialistic benefits which is the only reason, some relationships are based upon.


                      Array haan eik to yeh Muzna her cheez main love zaroor lay ati hain , God I am sick of this love thing.




                        Achhaa Sultan ji?
                        woh poetry section mai tow aap kuchh aur hi furma rahay they

                        aur waisay bhi love kay buGair jeena bhi koi jeena hai muzna's always on track


                          agar hamara mizaj ashiqana hai to is main hamara kia qasoor"Born to be romantic"

                          Aray khatoon aap to poetry ko dil pay lay gaeen, Zainab jee, woh to bus shair tha kisi nay mujhay likh kar diya tha I shared it with all of you,That's all.

                          khulta hai kisi pay qioon mairay dil ka mamla
                          shairoon kay intikhaab nay ruswa kia mujhay

                          Aur haan ab Muzna jee moderator woderator naheen raheen, I beleive she got "FIRED" ha ha ha, iss liay jitni bhi dil ki bharaas nikalni hai nikal lo.

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                            sultan ji kya baat hai aap tow serious hi ho gaey

                            Chaliyay achha hai aap kay dil ki bhaRaas niqul gaiy...ubhi tow muzna ji ko moderation chhoray huway juma juma AaTh din bhi nai huway...kuchh tow sharam ki jiey

                            waisay abhi kahin say woh ajaein gi tow aap bilqul seedhay ho jaengay


                              Aji seedhay tow hum ab huain hain unhoonay tow ulta kar kay rakh dia tha. Daant daant ker jan nidhal ker di thi. Ufffffff. Wo tow acha hua kay mairay 2,4 connection kaam agaiy aur in ki chutti hui. God what a nightmare.