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Disputed Marriage Validated in Pakistan

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    Disputed Marriage Validated in Pakistan

    Thought some of you might find this interesting...


    LAHORE, Pakistan -- Two Pakistani lovers who married in secret against the wishes of the woman's influential family were cleared Thursday of charges filed when they tried to flee the country.
    While preparing to board a plane to the United States last month, Humeira Butt and her husband Mahmood, a U.S.-based Pakistani businessman, were arrested in the southern port city of Karachi. She was charged with adultery and he was charged with kidnapping.
    Mrs. Butt's parents wanted her to marry a cousin, and when they heard of her marriage to Butt, they claimed she had already married the cousin. Mrs. Butt insisted the marriage ceremony was a sham engineered by her father, and on Thursday, the Lahore High Court agreed with her. The court ordered the authorities to return the couple's passports, court officials said.
    The couple is now free to leave Pakistan.
    Interviewed inside a women's shelter, Mrs. Butt told The Associated Press her dream is to reconcile with her father. "I wish my father would come to me and say 'live a happy life' but this is just a dream. ... I know he will never come," she said. "If he comes it will be with his bodyguards and weapons just to kill me."
    Hidden behind a giant black veil with only her eyes showing, Mrs. Butt said: "Pakistan is my home, but it is not possible for me to live here. We will have to go to the United States." The court also punished the police officer who arrested the couple at Jinnah International Airport in Karachi. The police officer was suspended, fined the equivalent of $108 and jailed for one month, court officers said.
    The couple was secretly married in 1997.
    Their problems began when Mrs. Butt's father, Abbas Khokar, a powerful lawmaker in the Punjab provincial Parliament and a member of the ruling Pakistan Muslim League, learned of the marriage. Pakistani law does not bar adults from marrying a person of their own choice. But in conservative feudal and tribal systems -- which dominate most areas of the country -- women are often killed for marrying against the wishes of their parents. Most women are married at a young age to men selected by their parents. Usually, the husband is a cousin. Adultery in Pakistan is punishable by stoning to death under Islamic law.


    well this is not interesting. It is a sad reality.


      Very sad is true Zainab.
      But the reality is few actually go against parental desires.
      It takes lots of guts.
      More power to them.

      God willing they will be happy.




          I agree with NYAhmadi on this one...things are happening...thank God.

          And it is news of such cases like this that gets published and announced...that gives other women some courage and hope.

          It's nice to see such a story that tells of not only love but the justice system succeeding in a very unreliable and unstable environment.

          Thanks Achtung for bringing it to our attention.


            I'd just like to say that I am happy for Humaira. I have always felt that women in Pakistan have to fight for their rights (given to them both by religion and the state). Men can get away with just about anything, but women face an uphill struggle and usually give in to family and social pressures.
            So Humaira, wherever you are, good luck!

            Love and peace always!!!


              "Adultery is punishable by death through stoning"

              THat is disgusting, Cruel and Backward. Such laws should not exist in a modern society.



                "Adultery is punishable by death through stoning"
                That is disgusting, Cruel and Backward. Such laws should not exist in a modern society."

                I Agree.


                  Stud, Achtung

                  You are both right Adultery is punishable by death.

                  But what has that got to do with this forum - Humeira was on a cropped up charge.

                  Anyway whats this modern society - where you put a killer or a sex maniac in prison for a few years and then they come out to commit the same crimes again - which is the more crueler society?


                    Why is it disgusting?
                    Its the law of Allah.


                      Stud was just trying to get a response - looks like it worked.

                      In terms of adultery it doesn't equate (in my opinion) to a violent sex crime. Its two consensenting adults engaging in illicit sexual behaviour. I'm not saying its desirable, but if you put it on a scale its not equivalent to sexual assault or rape. The amount of women in prison in Pakistan for alledgedly commiting adultery is ridiculous. Read the following passage (Double Jeopardy - Police Abuse of Women in Pakistan, Human Rights Watch):

                      "A 1980 study of criminal justice in Pakistan documented only some 70 female convicts in the entire country...However, according to police records for all of Pakistan in 1983, a minimum of 1,682 women faced trial for offenses solely under the Hudood Ordinances. That number increased to 1,843 in 1984 and has continued to rise ever since...Sociologists Khawar Mumtaz and Farida Shaheed estimated that in 1990 there were a total of 4,500 women prisoners (both convicts and pretrial) in the entire country...Maybe 50 percent of the women in jail are innocent, but because they are unaware of their rights and are too poor to hire proper legal aid, they are convicted."

                      In Pakistan cases of rape are converted into cases of adultery. Men are given the benefit of the doubt and women are thought of as consensual participants in the act of their rape. To add insult to injury, over "78%" of women taken into custody are abused by police authorities, verbally, physically, and sexually.

                      Stoning these women to death for crimes they didn't commit is "disgusting, cruel and backward". If Allah is the "most merciful", can we not try to borrow an ounce of His mercy and compassion and apply it to the cases of these poor women.

                      If you want to stone someone, I say with hesitation, stone the judges, stone the police officers, stone the husbands and stone the rapists. I say that with hesitation because without a civil society none of these laws will be passed justly and the innocent will always pay the highest price. The bottom line is that laws, like this one are not fit for "modern" society.

                      Azhar your right - the legal system in the Western world is cruel in many respects. But why do we always have to look at the extremes, the answer isn't always black and white. Its not either the west's version of "modern" society or our version of a "backward" society. We have to look for a middle ground.


                        For stoning there are some conditions which have to be followed. There has to be a minimum of three eyewitnesses who saw (not heard from somebody)with their own eyes.
                        I bet if a "convicted" rapist gets stoned it will refrain thousands of other males to commit this henious crime. This one single example will discourage many other cases to happen.
                        To prove E=mc you have to go step by step, you cannot skip step three and come back and say yup the equation is not right.
                        All I am trying is to say that the punishments come later, first comes the oders of Islam. There are very well stated and very well defined rules which explain how a man and a woman dress up and how a Muslim society should be, so, before you go and start complaining about what is wrong in Islam you should ask yourself "Am I really following Islam or I am just a Muslim because I was born in a Muslim family?" or is it really a Muslim society?
                        You cannot do that I like this part of Quran and that part but not that particular part simply because it is hard for me to practice so it should be changed according to my needs. NO because Allah says this is Quran and this is Sunnah, wanna be a Muslim follow it, because you do not know what HE knows.
                        When a soldier is ordered to march in particular direction he just does it, he never goes to GHQ and asks why I am supposed to march there?


                          " LET HE WHO IS WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE"


                            "I bet if a "convicted" rapist gets stoned it will refrain thousands of other males to commit this henious crime. This one single example will discourage many other cases to happen."

                            This isn't true. The deterrent doesn't exist. Women are still raped and the rapist is protected. Convicting him of the crime is near impossible. Women in Iran are bound up like nuns in their veils, and are still gang raped in the custody of police authorities. Protection for women is minimal.

                            "When a soldier is ordered to march in particular direction he just does it, he never goes to GHQ and asks why I am supposed to march there?"

                            Is this what religion has become - an institution whose aim is to create robots, pavlovian dogs who do as commanded and don't question why? Where did spiritual struggle dissapear to? The Jihad so many religious zealots discuss...How sad...

                            Can someone plaese point out the Qur'anic verses (if they exist) which command Muslims to stone people to death - and post them in "Religious Affairs" - I'd appreciate that.

                            KashmiriGirl - I apoligize, it seems as though everytime I post something it turns into a religious debate. I won't be offended if you close the thread.


                              Achtung i agree.
                              But there is nothing wrong with the law, just like u said, we are not fit
                              to implement it.
                              we've had enough in the name of these laws all over the muslim world.

                              [This message has been edited by zainab (edited February 24, 1999).]