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    what about basant

    Well every lahori[boy or girl] is waiting for basant on sunday.

    basant is very beautiful day for peaple in lahore i want your comments on basant

    will you please explain why Pakistanis should follow this tradition of basant?


      What is this "basant"? Is it practiced throughout Pakistan, or only in Lahore?


        Kyaa yaad dila dee yaar Rehan,

        Bassantt in Lahore .

        Yaar BOss, abb bataaow...yaad aatee hai key nahi

        I was in Lahore for only three years but every single year we enjoyed Bassant.
        Time for fun for everybody..."Ayibow!!!"
        Every one is busy in Paichey, not only kites but also ...ahem!!

        The first year I was there, my uncle took me to Gawaal-Mandi for the event. Man... you couldn't see the sky.
        We started at night with our Powerful flash-lights, there's one controller for the lights
        and the rest of us took turns flying the kites.

        Oh days!!
        Hey guys, I wonder if we can fly kites here in Toronto and make our own bassant.
        Let's start a new tradition. C'mon!

        For reason, ruling alone, is a force confining - and passion, unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction - Khalil Gibran



          Jak basant is for fun and there is nothing wrong in 'following this tradition. The only problem i have with it is that ppl waste huge amounts of money just for fun. the sad thing is that every year on basant ppl are killed...either by falling or with that DoRe.

          Rijal basant is a tradition we took on from hindus(now its a part of our culture)Basically its just kite flying but has a lot more to it than only this. And this is practised all over pakistan except for there is more fun in lahore

          Rehan i want to be in lahore for



            waisay Umar bhai if u do start this tradition dont forget to invite me
            I might not be good at flying kites but can help u in Bo Kata stuff


              Well for those who do not know Bussant is the start of spring season and there is a no other day better than Bussant.

              Rehan is it on this coming Sunday or the next?



                Maybe I'm missing something, but kite flying aint the most exciting thing in the world!! There must be more to it than that?! I mean, how in the world does somebody "get killed" whilst kite flying??!! Are the kites razor tipped or something??!!

                And what's this "other stuff" that you all keep refering to? Is it something mummy doesn't know about?


                  Yaar Rijaal samjhaa karey naa
                  Haye...peeley kapdey
                  For reason, ruling alone, is a force confining - and passion, unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction - Khalil Gibran


                    hello Rijaal

                    oh that was just an exaggeration on my part...not a lot of ppl get killed...but some do really. How? have u ever been to lahore or pindi? Waisay to fly a kite one has to go on the 'chhatt' and a lot of times it does not have any these ppl are so much into flying kites that they fall off their chhatts. Beside the DoRe (string attatched to the kite) is a dangerous thing. It is really sharp and mostly one's fingers/hands get wounded but that is not a big thing. Anything for basant

                    hellooo smalik


                      Wow, that was quite informative...i had been wondering what basant was myself...had been hearing about it here and there...
                      i knew it was about flying kites...i remember visiting pakistan when i was little and sometimes a few of my cousins would go up to the roofs and try and fly these always amazed me for some reason...after a little bribing and begging, a cousin agreed to teach me how to fly a kite...well i remember him starting me off on it...but then it...ahem...sorta disappeared...found out later that the dore got cut off by someone else's dore...which was of course done on purpose...
                      i think i got disheartened and gave up on it...
                      *sigh* i miss those days......but one thing's for sure...i will learn how to fly a kite one day!!! yeaaahhh!


                        Patang Baazi (kite flying) was very common and popular in my area (Karachi) too.
                        but i agree that it has lots of fun in Punjab.
                        When I was a kid, I used to help my freinds in making the dori (the thread or string).We used to make it with mixture of glass and layee (a stick thing). Man, I can't tell you how much preparation would it needed. But once it is prepared it used to be very sahrp so that it can cut the other kites.
                        When I grew up I used to run after the kite to catch it, once it is cut.
                        We had few homes in the area where some haseenan-e- jamal or pariwash used to live.We (the young boys)used to pray that the kite may fall on their home so that......

                        Aah.... Kiya yaad dila diya is pardess mein

                        Dil dhondta phir wahi firsat ke raat din

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                          Sach yaar, what days...all gone by!!

                          Well, one day, InshaAllah...soon!
                          For reason, ruling alone, is a force confining - and passion, unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction - Khalil Gibran


                            wah uicdoc sahib
                            I did not realize that you had been such a romantic man in the past. Now you appears very boring and dry talking about the West, y 2 K and this and that.
                            or kiya karte phire patang dhondne ke bahane.

                            I know few boys in my area who were coming to my home to get the cricket ball almost every day. Initially I was wondering how come the ball comes very day to my home. Why can't they play more care fully. How ever when I grew a little, then ssari baat samajhj mien aa gayee.

                            oh yeh...... I miss--------------------- those days......too

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