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Poop or Plastic?

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    Poop or Plastic?

    "Paper or plastic?" is a familiar question one encounters at the supermarket checkout counter. The honorable GS members would scoff at this question. NEITHER, would be the emphatic response of the cloth bag-toting GS crowd.

    But "poop or plastic?". Now that's a tricky one. Dog owners in the west can be seen picking after their dogs' excretions and tossing said nuggets in a plastic bag. What is better for the environment? Poop, of course. All that Poop filled plastic is an out of sight out of mind solution that don't solve notn.

    For a soon to be patented Poop dispenser with optimum Poop/plastic mass ratio, tune in to the Science and NATURE forum.
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    Re: Poop or Plastic?

    I had to pick up dog poop last Monday. I was in a nice neighborhood, leaving it there was not an option. The dog's training is nothing to brag about, so I couldn't stop him from going.

    Getting back to topic. Of course plain poop is better, but people getting poop on their shoes is just not acceptable. Especially in the West where most people are obsessed with smelling good. You see poop in the streets all the time, if you're in Karachi.

    PS: Love this thread, because of the word "poop" ( poop is just funny like that ) and I don't care if people think I'm weird.


      Re: Poop or Plastic?

      Mumbai streets will outpoop Karachi any day.
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        Re: Poop or Plastic?

        How about paper poop bags??
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          Re: Poop or Plastic?

          Actually a very good idea, saab. Some issues re Poop percolation through paper - aka the PPP index will have to be addressed. But this is a good start.

          But isn't this off topic? OP clearly has given an either/or question.
          Why isn't the Dividend story among the featured threads?


            Re: Poop or Plastic?

            Project GreenBag | How to Pick Up Dog Poop Without Plastic Bags


              Re: Poop or Plastic?

              ^ This was an eye opener. Thanks el topo. I have taken the liberty of pasting the contents.

              "Without Plastic Bags

              Oh ****! My dog just pooped. What should I use instead of plastic bags?

              Why put 100% biodegradable dog waste into a plastic bag that will take

              hundreds of years to photodegrade? Plastic bags are not the only way to

              pick up your little friends mess. Here are some green alternatives. Pooper Scooper Rake

              There are many different versions of the pooper scooper rake, but

              essentially it is a tool that helps you scoop up doggie droppings and place in

              the trash can. You even can buy a collapsible version which can be stuffed

              away in your eco-friendly bag after each use. BioBag For Pets

              100% compostable / 100% biodegradable (ASTM D6400-99 certified – the

              gold standard for compostable plastic)

              Decomposes in 10-45 days, leaving no harmful residues behind

              Made from cornstarch, vegetable oil & other renewable resources

              No polyethylene is used in its production

              Shelf-stable, safe to store at room temperatures

              GMO-FREE and Debio certified for use in organic growing

              Printed with soy-based inks and dyes

              The best solution for disposal of pet waste has always been to separate it

              from the bag or paper and flush it down the toilet. Now you can. Using

              BioBag Dog Waste Bags in place of plastic bags makes sense: They are the

              first biodegradable and compostable pooper bag in the world. The waste

              and the bag can be thrown in your compost, where both items will

              decompose naturally.

              Or, the waste and bag can be buried, where micro-organisms will quickly eat

              both; the waste and bag can be set at curbside with other yard waste where

              communities collect biodegradable waste for composting. Sustainability

              BioBags are a smart alternative to polyethylene/polypropylene based plastic

              bags. They’re designed to help people reduce the usage of new and recycled

              polyethylene-based plastic. Regular usage will help rid plastic bags from our

              environment. BioBags are made primarily from cornstarch and are certified

              to be 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable. Regular plastic bags do

              not biodegrade – they photodegrade whereby the elements break them

              down into smaller and toxic bits.

              Some manufacturers are blending additives to polyethylene to produce bags

              marketed as “biodegradable” or “degradable”; these merely accelerate the

              photodegredation process. By rapidly breaking plastic into tiny bits – it gets

              rid of the eyesore but the plastic remains! Of course these do not meet the

              ASTM D6400-99 standard for biodegradable and compostable plastic. The

              claim of biodegradability offered by these products is misleading and should

              be avoided since we believe they represent the worst possible alternative.

              Remember, our goal is to help divert all naturally biodegradable waste from

              entering our landfills. This includes food waste, yard waste, paper waste and

              pet waste. If any of these items are placed in an anaerobic (air-locked)

              landfill, their natural ability to biodegrade can be severely diminished.

              Click here to purchase BioBag for Dogs
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                Re: Poop or Plastic?

                IMHO, in this case, if it's a public place, definitely plastic. Too much rigidity is not good-- and not just in this context. I think people would generally not like to walk on someone's poop; many would be grossed out at the prospect. I know I'd. So while environmental protection is indeed commendable, at least when we are out and about outside our homes, we need to pick up after our pets and clean any mess they might create. If that entails picking the pets' excrements using a plastic bag because that's the only cleaning option available then be it. That's a basic courtesy we can extend to others who would be using the same road or the same facilities as our pets and us.


                The 'special word' in this thread reminds me of a little joke I read in the @Work section of Reader's Digest:

                "The insurance industry loves its acronyms. The first time I saw proof of ownership was in a client's file that read "Insured has POO on damaged items.""

                PS: Sorry couldn't resist.
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                  Re: Poop or Plastic?

                  ^ nice acronym.

                  There is cleanliness. And there is appearance of cleanliness, that actually harms the environment. The latter is unacceptable. And having that position is not being rigid.

                  Of course we need to pick up after our mess. But plastic "being the only option available" is an unacceptable situation.

                  A cradle to grave life cycle analysis, accounting for environmental damage associated costs, would most probably show that Poop and plastic don't mix.
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                    Re: Poop or Plastic?

                    we should reuse fast food fries pouches to put dog poop in.

                    Dog poo is don't smell or any thing. But then again who are we to complain.
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                      Re: Poop or Plastic?

                      Poop and let poop
                      Why isn't the Dividend story among the featured threads?


                        Re: Poop or Plastic?

                        Lolx , lgta hai topix khtm ho gye thy
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