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Civil Services in Pakistan

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    Civil Services in Pakistan

    Dear Paki brothers and sisters of GS, I was curious about the bureaucracy in Pakistan and hence some questions.

    1) How much do you know about the Central Civil Services of Pakistan?
    2) What is the kind of work and stature associated with the job?
    3) Do many people(including you) strive to join the services in order to serve the public and/or for other reasons?
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    Re: Civil Services in Pakistan

    1) a bit
    2)a LOT of stature
    3)I don't.... the system of entry is a zillion yeard old and total have to memorize shhizzload of useless information to get in..........

    The reason for joining is simple.....Ample opportunities to have power and influence......and free ride to do as much corruption and haramkhori as one could wish for..

    in short...... beaurocrats are one of the primary reason for pakistan's current state.
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