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    chosing a profession

    Our parents want to chose a profession that they want to be , never considering want we want in life. A lot of us really do give up to their pressure and pursue careers which we would have never chosen if we had decided independently. Is it our weakness that we give up to their pressure? Is it fair for our parents to pressurize us to be what they want us to be? Most of the times they want us to go in profession where there is money. what should we do ,stand up against them.take control of our life.This may though hurt them and they have really gone through a lot for us.

    I think what you are saying is true, and yes they want us to go in those profession where the money is, but that's what every parents want for their kids, "Better future and good life style," and I think most of us want the same, the only difference is, its take a little while to come in terms with the reality.
    Teenagers lives in the world of fantasy, they have ideals, romantic thoughts, heart filled with emotion and immense desire to eliminate injustice and poverty from the society, but unfortunately they don't know the realities of this practical world, especially in our country, where most teenager, who are living in the big cities and belong to lower middle class and middle class don't even know, what their parents has to go through to maintain a certain standard of living, they demand good food, better clothing ever increasing pocket money and so on and so forth, and think that it is the responsibility of parents to provide above thing because they are parents. So when the time comes to decide what kind of education and what profession they have to choose for their future, parents usually take over the decision making on the basis of the realities of practical world and some time because their own unfulfilled desires, so to better equipped their kids for the future.

    Money is not the only important thing in life but certainly it is among the few. If we as a society decide to expose our children from the very beginning to the harsh realities of this world,(parental support should not be taken as granted by the kids), as it is happening in the western world, and in our lower socioeconomic class esp. in villages, then this very question will not gonna come.

    Idealistic thinking and fantasies are very important, our future depends on that, but realities of practical world are also important for existence.

    Peoples who has lots of money and those who have no money usually do not impose their wishes on their kids (as far as their choice of profession is concern), It is the middle class who has little money and want to get more, uses education as its tool to achieve this goal, because it is the most secure and socially respectable venture.

    I want to know what others think about this



      oh i m the stubborn child of my family

      Or may be my parents have left the decision of chosing my education/profession on my shoulders, until or unless its not creating any problem to me.
      And i m proud of my parents for letting me to choose my education/profession by myself.

      But for those parents who think that its their right to take every decision of their kidz by themselves are just creating lack of self-confidence in their kidz.
      itz pathetic.



        Adami as you said that they are our parents and they want us to have a good future. Is money going to secure a good and happy future for you. I am soory I disagree with you , may the oldergenration is very materialistic and they just want us to be a part of the race that they have been following , to be rich . What have they achieved as a generation? I respect my older generation but do disagree in some of their values . They have not been able to give us the guidence that we needed. A lot of kids as they enter the college just go crazy and revolt. May be they need to check the values of their lives and have faith in us. I believe that we are a lot more talented then our older generation is.