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    immigrant desi

    A lot of young men come form pakistan and India . A lot of them get married here just to get green card. Although a lot of them don't have the intention to leave the person after they get their immigration , do you think it is alright to get married just to get the immigration ? Please consider that the prome idea behind the marriage is to get us immigration.

    Its wrong - 100% wrong. Perhaps if the other party is aware that the marriage is a farce, than it maybe less unethical. But otherwise in my opinion, its wrong.


      >100 % wrong...

      99.9 %... 80 % ... i never knew we could represt "right" and "wrong" in percentages...

      vague ideas...
      obscure prophecy...
      black jewels...
      of insignificance.

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        Could you clarify please?
        Are these men choosing to marry dessi muslim woman in the west to stay here?
        Are these men marrying non-dessi/non-musim woman to stay here?

        Or did you want responses for both?


          Does it really matter! Whether dassi or non-dassi, Muslim or non-Muslim, when the whole intention of marriage is to get a green card. It is absolutely wrong and shameful practice and should be condemn with out any reservation


            HI all:
            I do not agree with most of you who think that it is condemnable to get marry to get the green card. Let me tell you some about myself first before going further. I came to USA to get my Master degree on an assistanceship offered by an american university, during my master degree, I applied for the Canadaian immegration on technical basis and now I am residing in Toronto. I wrote these few lines only to tell that I am not one of those people who get married to obtain the green card and I would never do it for myself.
            Farhan mentioned a very good point that "Although a lot of them don't have the intention to leave the person after they get their immigration". I do not see any harm for some one who gets married to settle down in the States or elsewhere. Because if a person do not have any aim to leave his/her spouse after getting his/her residentship, then it is simply a practice any weak person would do to secure his/her future. If some one gets married on the purpose of only and only to get the permanent residentship and then he/she already have planned to leave the person after getting his/her goal, then this person is as condemnable as any one else who gets married for money or dowry in Pakistan or anywhere else. In my view if a person is seeking a secure future and he/she does not have any intention to leave his/her partner afterwards, is not doing any thing wrong.



              i am basically talking about marrying a desi girl. the point that i want to make is that a lot of guys marry to with that girl , but one of the benifit that they get from it is that they can stay in usa. is that ethical?the intention is not to get the green card and leave the girl once the person has the green card.


                If your morals permit you to do such a thing then go ahead and do it, no one will stop you. I would advise you not to do it because simply put, its 100% wrong. Consider the feelings of others, for e.g., how would it make you feel if someone did that to your sister, daughter etc., you'd be pretty pissed, right. I gave you this example because a lot of our desi men have done this just to get their Green cards. Put yourself in the girls situation and see, I'm sure you will decide not to do such a thing.

                Later on



                  For many desis, especially the majority of the variety that recently has arrived, there is no love marriage possibility .. whether here or in pakistan. I mean arranged marriages are a matter of barter and conveniebce arent they? read the ads in papers and it seems like you are lookign for job postings.

                  Fair punjabi sunni muslim girl, MS computer science, 27 years old. parents looking for Sunni Pakistani guy, MD, Own Business... blah blah blah

                  I just say everyone should do what i do and like hook up with someone you truly care about.

                  I dont agree with marrying someone just for a certain reason because the honest and sincere foundation is not there, however that applies to all these arranged hook ups where teh parents market their kids like a yemeni selling his wares in a crowded bazaar.
                  The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                    interesting question.... i wonder when you look for a wife, do you look at her beauty, intelligence, height, etc, etc..and all the attributes that are considered ok when finding a wife.. so whast soo wrong about looking at a person with a green card.... AS LONG AS IT IS DONE WITHOUT BEING THE ONLY INTENTION.... i mean how many guys would marry a handicaped person or someone they did not find attractive.. and same goes for the ladies.... i think a person having a green card is just like someone whos a doc or a person with a pretty face... as long as you dont consider that to be the only aim and dont plan to leave once thats achieved... after all how do you select (or fall in love with) a person.. is it not thru looking at all his/her attributes.... the problems only occur when your not truthful to your marital obligatiosna nd resposibilities!!!

                    ok... enough about this

                    Smile at the world and the world will smile back at you


                      Farhan1 thank you for clarifying.

                      Msaqibj, Fraudz and hmcq.
                      Nicely put. Since I agree, I wonít repeat your points.

                      I do feel pity for the goriah married to dessi guys. The guys are using them and those girls have no clue. They are going into a marriage with sincere wishes of long term commitment and the dessi men donít have any concern for them. That is truly abhorrent.