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    who should have the control

    After reading few closed threads by " Administration" Esp. After reading fatah, admin, uicdoc and others arguments and seeing that thread to be closed I couldn't hold my laugh; I am very impressed with fatah's arguments, Very powerful one, Hay I am not patronizing. I could not understand why some one tell us that " we could always leave this site" and this argument of admin on necessity of control..!

    This whole discussion has generated a new crisis among members, and I would like to initiate some new discussion on the basis of present situation.

    1) What do you think about "rigid control of administration" in maintaining this web site, is it realy importent?
    2) Does different categories like , "Religion", "Politics" and "general" need to be separated or administration should get rid of them
    3) As all 100% of Pakistani are not Muslims, (only 97% are) should we change our official name from Islamic Republic of Pakistan to Just Pakistan?

    It will be intrusting to see your responses

    Dear Aadmi,

    1- "rigid control of administration" seems rigid because i think too many threads are closed in quick succession which becomes too obvious and incidently the affected authors are more or less the same. But it is a fact that to run any setup, a set rules or policies must be strictly adhered otherwise what is the use of making rules / policies?

    2- I think this may be a point and administration should give it a thought that is it really necessary to have such a classification? personally i think it is not a bad idea to abolish all these categories and just have different threads.

    3- I dont know why you have asked this question here as i could not comprehend the relation between the above two questions and this last one. Anyway the name of Pakistan is correct i.e. Islamic Republic of Pakistan as the majority of population is muslim and you dont need 100% population of the same religion to name a country.



      Dear JAK:
      Reason I asked Q:3"As all 100% of Pakistani are not Muslims, (only 97% are) should we change our official name from Islamic Republic of Pakistan to Just Pakistan?" is because in one of admin(administrator)dmin wrote "-- Allow me to correct you....we are not all Muslim. And we do not all believe that Islam "should have" a place in every discussion. In fact, some of our membership does not even believe in using words like "should". Please keep in mind, we are not here solely to cater to one religious or ethnic faction. We are a Pakistani site but live all over the world and interact with people from every race and faith. Our isssues and interests are not restricted to our own roots." and also by noticing that they have "ZERO tolerence" for deviation from rules, I am wondring is this just the aurrogance because they are the administrator and just want to stick with the rules or there is some hidden agenda of this "so called Pakistani official web site". they don't have any tolerance for any mixing of politics with religion in general discussion. Do they have to please some one like "Big Brothers" and show then, Hay! look we separeted politics and religion and no one is allowed to mix them togather, we are doing it on the NET and it will be our policy on the ground as well!

      They are very angry about this notion that Islam "should have" a place in every discussion. so I thought that I should asked this ultimate question. so that we should understand what the bottem line is? and where we want to go from here.

      Is it getting too political, sorry admin thats the way we Pakistanis are and I am a Muslim first and Pakistani later.

      Are you goona closed this thread to? b/c it also contain words like Islam, Muslim and Politics. I no you have "ZERO TOLERANCE"



        Last posting I mistakngly did on an other computer using name chaloo, (but it was me Aadmi) and I appologize for that mistake



          >"we reserve the right to delete any message for any or no reason whatsoever. "
          >"If you do not agree, press the "Cancel" button"
          (-from the gup shup registration rules)

          what about a special forum dedicated to those topics which either fall under more than one category, or fall under no category at all..

          gup shup tried a "nonmoderated" forum called "anarchy"... what about an "anarchy" which is moderated but does not put a restriction on topics of discussion..?


          12th august 1947, muhamma ali jinah, the founder and the governer general forbids the starting of the assembly meeting with a recitation from koran, and orders to carry on with the proceedings.

          the cabinet consists of a hindu treasure minister and an ahmedi foriegn minister.

          jinah adresses the assembly
          " you are free to go to your temples, mosques and worshiping places. whatever sect, religion or belief yu follow, it has nothing to do with the affairs of the state. this is the point of view which we have to keep infront of us as a goal."
          ( -from the adress to the first assembly, 12th august 1947)


          please make sure that it is very much arguable, that people should be allowed to talk about the religious aspects of any of the topics in any of the forums,

          but "religion" is a broad term and does not always mean "islam".

          mind it!

          vague ideas...
          obscure prophecy...
          black jewels...
          of insignificance.

          [email protected]


            This is a BBS. There are no ads posted on gupshupp which become a source of revenue. What is the source of revenue of this forum ? If there are no sources of revenues or in other words if the participants do not contribute to the revenue margins ,then why control it. I dont understand the point of moderators/admins.

            Later on


              Be aware !
              Martial Law has been imposed to us.
              So be carefull what ever you write.
              ZERO TOLERANCE , OK
              (I feel that I still live in Pakistan under the threat of some Beaurocrates and jageerdars)Can some body make me feel that, this is not the case?
              Aadmi !
              I admire you that at least you raised your voice otherwise some of the people( who in fact started these issues) have become quiete and went into silence. reason unknown???


                >"If you do not agree, press the "Cancel" button"
                (-from the gup shup registration rules)