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To: uicdoc Re: Closing of your Thread

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    To: uicdoc Re: Closing of your Thread

    First and foremost let me point out that your previously posted thread addressed to the moderator was closed by accident. It was a technical error that cannot be corrected, hence I have copied portions of your message and replied here. I apologize for the inconvenience.

    The following excerpt is taken from your message addressed to admin and moderator. It has been edited for brevity.

    "I accept with, open heart, your decision to close my thread, “ The West and The Muslim Dilemma”. I am glad that you showed me a courtesy that at least you wrote me an explanation for this closing. However I, respectfully, dare to differ with your opinion."

    -- Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

    "First of all, I think that the topic itself was important and not the site where it should be discussed. I do not think that site or forum of the discussion was so important."

    -- Good. In that case, our request that you move the dicussion to a more appropriate (even if it is more appropriate by our standards) section is a non-issue.

    "We are Muslim, and in this respect everything which we will talk about or discuss, will have (should have) some aspect of our religion."

    -- Allow me to correct you....we are not all Muslim. And we do not all believe that Islam "should have" a place in every discussion. In fact, some of our membership does not even believe in using words like "should". Please keep in mind, we are not here solely to cater to one religious or ethnic faction. We are a Pakistani site but live all over the world and interact with people from every race and faith. Our isssues and interests are not restricted to our own roots.

    "I don’t know if you are aware or not, that this topic was already being discussed in the religious affair page ...... But I closed that thread and move the topic to this page because........ I felt that in this way more people will take part in this discussion."

    -- The decision you made to abandon discussion in that forum and move to another was obviously to reach a greater audience. The same result could have been accomplished by posting a simple notice in the General forum and directing those interested to come to the forum that you were in. However, let me assure you that those members that have an interest do frequent all relevant forums. Enough said.

    "I want o say in the end that, I have accepted your decision not because I am convinced by your argument but I have accepted it because you are the manager of this forum. "

    -- Thank you for your respect.

    Muzna !
    Thanks for your personal reply to me. I have already mentioned my feelings in the thread of Kashmirigirl. Please refer there for my response.I have no intention to drag this debate any more.
    Few additional words.
    I never meant to create any crisis in this web site.I never even thought that it will creat such a mess. I am not among those people who try to get cheap reputations by creating conflict and crisis.

    I will continue to express myself here, not because administration is asking me to do so but to fulfil my own religious, moral and educational obligations and for the sake of other readers and visitors of this site.

    Hum pervarishe-loho qalam kerte rahenge
    Jo dil pe guzarti he, raqam kerte rahenge

    (Please don't reply to this posting.I want to close this discussion now without any bad feelings).