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To the administrator, with due respect

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    To the administrator, with due respect

    Administrator sahib

    Ek shere arz he
    Jo bakhshe to zahe qismat, na bakhshe to shikayat kiya
    Sare-tasleem kham he, jo mizaj-eyar mein aaye

    I accept with, open heart, your decision to close my thread, ď The West and The Muslim DilemmaĒ. I am glad that you showed me a courtesy that at least you wrote me an explanation for this closing. However I, respectfully, dare to differ with your opinion.

    I think that you made a very hasty decision, a decision which based on only the heading of the topic, without going through the contents of writings.
    You claim that my topic was not relevant to the thread here and you suggested to me that I should continue this discussion on either religious or political page. I am very sorry to say that this suggestion showed me that how superficial your knowledge are and how much grip you have on these kind of issues. First of all, I think that the topic itself was important and not the site where it should be discussed. I do not think that site or forum of the discussion was so important. However I am perplexed by the argument of closing the thread and thatís what I am going to talk about.
    Let me tell you. We are Muslim, and in this respect everything which we will talk about or discuss, will have (should have) some aspect of our religion. Any picture which doesnít have the color of Islam is incomplete in our views but it does mean that that picture itself is Islamic or religious.
    This topic of Islam and the West is not a pure religious matter neither a political one. This is not conflict between two factions who have two different aqaid or usool about their belief in Jesus or Mohammad (SAW). This is not a new political conflict which arise after Israel or Iraq war but this conflict has much more depth in it. Those who have even a little knowledge of this topic will agree with me that this is complex phenomenon. This is an ongoing tussle, which is going on since centuries and involves the conflict between Islam and the West not only on religious grounds but it also has a political, social, cultural, philosophical, and metaphysical and even geographical background. No where in the history you can pin point that only religion or only politics was the factor in this conflict. Not even to day any one who has some knowledge about this issue can claim that religious differences are only reason of this or political differences are the only conflict between Islam the West.
    I will again say that the discussion itself should be given the respect. It does not matter whether you discuss it on yellow page or white page. I donít know if you are aware or not, that this topic was already being discussed in the religious affair page on one of my thread and a hot discussion was going on. But I closed that thread and move the topic to this page because I felt that this is general discussion which should be discussed on general forum because I felt that in this way more people will take part in this discussion.
    I want o say in the end that, I have accepted your decision not because I am convinced by your argument but I have accepted it because you are the manager of this forum.

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    dear uicdoc , administrate and kahsmirigirl.

    it was a shock to see that an interesting and very important thread was closed because of ...... I don't know because of what? But I think it did few importent things.

    1) It give us a real taste of Pakistani bureaucratic mentality ( which were fadeing out from our conciousness because of living abroad for long time)

    2) It will help us to connect to our people in Pakistan in a more realistic manner, and will help in better understanding of internal conflicts as well.

    3) Resentment will provide more energy in our efforts to spred our view to other against injustice whether internal or external.

    Aab mujhay Faiz Yaad aa rahay hain

    "Hum perwarishay looh-o-qalum kertay rahangay
    Joo dil pay guzerti hay raqum kertay rahengay

    Miekhana salaamat hay too hum surkhi-a mai say
    Tazyeenay deroo-baamo haram kertay rahangay

    Baqi hay lahoo dil may too her aashk say paida
    rangay laboo rukhsaray sanum kertay rahangay

    Haan talkhi-ye ieyam abhi aoor berhay gi
    haan ahlay situm maskay situm kertay rahanhay

    Manzoor ye talkhi ye situm humko gawara
    dum hay to madawaye aalum kertay rahangay

    and I we will not going to involve in any "terzay Tazaful" and "urazay Tamanna" any moor.