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    Muzna: This is for you


    I just wanted to say thank you for being honest, rather than just clutching for straws and coming up with whatever answer, in the other thread. I was going to write back to you there, but I was too late - the clock struck twelve, the mice ran away, and I was left holding a pumpkin! Perhaps my curiosity got the better of me on the wrong forum, so the thread was closed.

    I must admit, although some of the guys on here are interesting to converse with such as Camille, Farid, zainab, and of course not forgetting your good self, some people need to be more honest, especially with themselves. This is what I like about Abu Muhammed and Hasnain. I must have read every single one of their postings on religious affairs and general. Together with yourself Muzna, they seem to be honest and present themselves well, addressing the situation clearly and logically. Integrity is something very important.

    Although it would have been nice if someone could answer the question I put forward to you in the other thread, I'm glad you were frank. I suppose there's a lot we all still need to learn. Two religions based on totally different fundamentals, but the people from both are heading the same direction with respect to their beliefs. How can this be? I guess I ask too many questions huh? People on this site must be fed up with me already, and let's face it, I'm not exactly the longest registered member here. Anyhow, I'm not sure how much longer I'll be posting on this site, but I bet some of the guys here will be glad to see the back of me! But don't worry, I still respect the Quran, and even the Christian scholars would admit, that Muhammad was the finest man to live.

    As Qaasim said on one of the religious threads (and I hope he hasn't got copy rights on this, otherwise I'm in trouble), "Eloquence is not in speech, eloquence is in understanding and implementing."

    Can you please be kind enough to close this thread after you have read it. Thank you, and take care.

    PS - by the way, I still like Pakistanis!

    I am honored.

    Now, please don't let this be the last of you on this site. I am sure that I speak for several when I say that we are very pleased to have you here.

    Now, if this was the Valentine's thread I'd make a comment on the people that would like to see the back of you...but it's not so I won't.....giggles.

    Anyway......try posing the same question you did to me in the Religion forum....Tariq will likely have some very interesting thoughts on the matter.

    Write on!