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A message :Especially for Admin and Moderators

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    A message :Especially for Admin and Moderators

    I've noticed that from the short period i have been visiting this site, it seems as though there are certain guidelines that you adhere to, and why not? After all, rules are there to be followed. And i'm sure that you also do a good job, but i think you should be a little more understanding sometimes, when users post topics on the wrong threads - explain to them and advise them, and perhaps give them a warning, but don't close their threads straight away. After all, it's the administrators and moderators who run the show, so they should set a friendly example. A lot of new comers make mistakes, when posting material, as they're a little lost, with not many friends to advise them - blending in can sometimes be difficult. I have Muslim friends (and i know someone on this site also), and Muslims claim to have the correct religion and be people of tollerance and understanding. But so far on this site it seems far from it, apart from perhaps a handful of individuals. For a Christian, this can be putting off as there leaves no difference between this site and some other site. I've been observing for a few days and it seems as though some people here make allowances in your religion, and don't always follow the laws of your God, so why can't you be a little leniant with your laws? I'm not saying drop all barriers to regulating, but be a little more understanding. I'm sure my friend will disagree, but there are some christians who can teach some muslims a good lesson in manners, understanding and respect. Please don't take this posting in an insulting manner, but rather as advise.


    Sorry that you feel that way. But I was interested as to why you visit this site? Are you a Pakistani Christian, or just a Christian, i.e. (not Pakistani)?

    I don't think the moderators are being particularly nasty. It is more a case of controlling the topics. I mean what is the point of having different topic threads if everyone writes whatever they want on any thread? There has to be some level of control in any Web Site. The only reason why this has become an issue is because somebody openly complained.



      I agree with Rijaal. The Moderators are only trying to do their job.

      I myself am fairly new here, and I have also made mistakes. So I understand what you're saying, but it can be awfully difficult sometimes for moderators and admin to keep up with each individual, and see whether he or she overstepped the boundaries on any previous occasion or not. The job in hand requires full time monitoring, so you have to appreciate the complexity and demand of the situation.

      As far as Islaam is concerned, then yes, it is recognised as a religion of tolerance and understanding. I'm sorry if you have not seen this in the actions of some Muslims. I suppose this is one of the weaknesses among us Muslims today. A lot of us have forgotten what the Prophet (peace be upon him) has taught us. This is why the Muslims are suffering and being humiliated around the world today, wherever you look - Kosovo, Kashmir, Iraq, Bosnia, much of Africa etc. - all because we have forgotten God and our role in this world. But this does not mean that Islaam is a religion based on ideology. It still conveys the truth and reflects upon reality as it did 1400 years ago, and as it will continue to do so until the Day of Judgement. Muslims need to turn back to the Qur'aan and the Sunnah (way of the Prophet, peace be upon him) in order to be victorious. If you look back to the time of Muhammad (peace be upon him), during the initial stages of Islaam, the Muslims were outnumbered by far, and also very weak, yet they were victorious at the end. This was not due to their volume in numbers or latest weaponry, but because of their manners, understanding and tolerence toward God and his Messenger(peace be upon him) as well as each other. As history prevailed, Islaam was to later dominate the world, with these characteristics being the major factor.

      So if there are obvious deficiencies in our characteristics or belief, our religion is not the one to blame, but rather we ourselves are the culprits, as the weakness lies within our own faith and the reluctance to retun to the truth.


        Thank you John for your message. I anticipate that all moderators will have taken a moment to read it.

        We appreciate the consideration and the sincere intent with which you have chosen to present your criticism. Few people are able to express themselves so eloquently when it comes to a matter of dispute.

        You seem to understand that there are guidelines that we need to follow -- that's a good start. What you must also recognize is that the moderators on this site participate strictly on a volunteer basis and give of their time out of the goodness of their hearts. This limitation puts some restrictions on what they can and cannot do by way of providing lengthy explanations as to why they are closing/editing threads. You can easily see the number of postings that each forum receives in a day -- imagine having to read each and every one of them. It's not an easy task.

        With respect to your reference to Islam and tolerance . . . I would refrain from making this an issue of religion where one begins to compare. All religions claim to be tolerant and understanding -- I have yet to come across one that does not stake this claim. John, if one wants, one can find people of all nature in all faiths.

        Let's keep the train on track -- the solitary reason why you find moderators being brief and precise in their messages is a time constraint situation -- nothing more, nothing less.

        Once again, thank you for your observations and suggestions.

        Muzna Khan
        Director - TOPP Discussion Forums.


          Muzna , Hasnain & Rijaal

          Thank you for your responses. They were highly appreciated, and also put in a friendly way that answered some of my questions.


          Yes, I appreciate the guidelines and time restrictions involved in moderating. You seem like quite an eloquent person yourself, and thanks for filling me in with the details - it shed more light on the subject. As teenagers, even in the Air Training Corps(ATC) there are strict guidelines to adhere to otherwise there are punishments and penalties to face.

          And yes, you are absolutely right - one can find people of all nature in all faiths. I suppose even Christianity has its fair share of idiots. And I guess you're right, most religions do teach tolerance, but there's a difference between tolerating people and tolerating religion. This is what I meant when I said Muslims make allowances in religion and compromise their beliefs and the law of God (as muslims believe was taught by Muhammad). So Muzna, may I please ask you sincerely, what difference does there remain between Islam and Christianity?


          I too have read some Islamic history. So if you believe God was on your side, then what happened to the Islamic Empire? How did it loose control of more than half of its territory, especially as they had the most advanced technology of their time, particularly while they ruled Spain?


          No i'm not a Pakistani Christian mate. I was born here in England, so I guess that makes me British. While I was at school, I had some Pakistani friends, and later on at university I used to sometimes hang out with overseas Pakistani students (as well as some other Muslims). I would sometimes catch them speaking with one another in Urdu, which seems like a nice language, and I thought Pakistani culture was also quite interesting. Most of all, I must hand it to you guys ... you sure know how to cook. But a little less chilli would probably be more healthy. Anyhow, I noticed that this group of friends were more interested in culture than their religion, and some of them were even willing to compromise parts of Islam for culture. Having read the Bible (well, some of it anyway) I realised that Christians today were also compromising their beliefs to suit society.

          Also, as much as I liked aspects of Pakistani culture, it's normally religion that unites people and not culture. This is evident in all religions including Christianity, where Christians of Africa have a different culture to those of Europe, who are culturally different to those of Asia and so on. Similarly, there are cultural clashes in Islam, and as I said, what unites a body of people is not culture, but rather a single belief and mutually acting upon it. And when I saw my Pakistani friends compromising their religion for culture, then it reminded me of Christianity. If the Church today followed what Jesus had taught 2,000 years ago, rather than their own desires of trying to please and blend into society, then Christianity would not be corrupt.

          I still have Pakistani friends, and keep in touch with the old ones, but I suppose in a way this site will allow me to observe what role religion plays in the lives of Muslims.



            In answer to your sincere reply would be to simply state that I feel very much unable to provide an educated comparison of Islam and Christianity. I simply don't have the knowledge and fear to say something that might be misleading and inaccurate.

            Besides...this is not the right section of the forum to discuss religion.....




              I was in the ATC too, d of e, night x and of course free flying lessons. I hated it when I got promoted because I didn't get that freedom you get as a cadet. So far the best days of my life, next to childhood.

              Back to the main issue- I don't know if you're aware that Muslims and Christians fought side by side when the Islamic State was being attacked. As-Sham was 80% Christian and was being ruled by Islam. It was part of the Islamic State. The Crusaders attacked it thinking that it would be an easy victory for them because they thought that the Christians would side with them. The crusaders lost that war and started sending missionaries and next came orientalists.

              Intolerance is when a person of one spiritual faith cannot accept anyone else having a different spiritual faith. Do I have to mention the spanish inquisition where people were killed if they didn't accept Christianity.

              Muslims don't force people to change their spiritual faith. All we want you to do is accept Islam as your Ideology. If Christianity is anti-secular then does it really matter what laws they follow because these laws don't contradict your religion.