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Does the beauty counts ?

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    Does the beauty counts ?

    Hi guys.What do you think is important SOORAT or SEERAT? How many of you will be willing to marry a girl/boy who is not beautiful ( even according to your own standards and parameters of beauty) at all but has a good personality.
    Please do not lie to us neither to your self

    Beauty is important in any relationship. There must be an element of physical attraction, if there isn't your hurting both yourself and your partner.

    At the same time, I don't think there is any such thing as an un-attractive person. Perhaps I might not find a particular person attractive, but you might think that person is beautiful. We all have different tastes and notions of attractiveness. What I find attractive, someone else might find unattractive and vice versa.

    In Rome when people weren't able to find spouses they would round them up, put them in a room together and close the lights. They would have males on one side of the room and females on the other. They would proceed to run towards one another and whoever you caught in your arms you would marry. I just typed this and realized it has nothing to do with the original post, I think I need some sleep


      The answer to your question, I must say varies from person to person.

      I personally, would prefer both. I mean I dont want no body who's real good looki'n but aint got nothing up in the top floor.

      But then again, its not an ideal world we're living in, now are we?


        Not all of them. But there are some beuties who know little mathematics and can count.


          The meaning of Beauty (Soorat) actually varies from person to person and country to country, and infact there is no set universal standard for soorat, therefore it is difficult to judge who is prefrerring which soorat.

          But it should be admitted that every human being is essentially looking for some soorat to attach with.


            I don't think typical arranged marriages allow for us to avoid choosing someone solely on soorat. Which is unfortunate. It is not so much beauty but how attractive someone is to you that is important in a relationship. What you find attractive might be their beauty but also their personality. So…. Why worry about if they are beautiful or not but how much you like them?

            Just realize physical beauty fades over time. NO one looks like Cindy C. or Antonio sabato jr. at 60....


              I am just wondring if today Demi Moor, Cindy or Julia Robert announce that they are looking for a Pakistani man to marry, how many of you would be at thier doors without wasting your time, altough every body knows about their charcaters and virtues.


                Aint gonna happen!

                But if it does, then I'll pity those who do reach their doors!


                  I agree with most of the readers' opinion that Beauty is a SUBJECTIVE matter, and varies from culture to culture and even person to person. I remember one shair on this. Lijeye aap bhi suniye.
                  HUSN BAHER KAHIN NAHI HOTA
                  HUSN APNI NAZAR MEIN HOTA HE.

                  However my first question was different. I asked that whatever the perception you have about this beauty and HUSN, HOW MUCH importance do you give them while considering
                  human relationships especially life long relationship and WHY?. One important condition before answering the question, don't lie to us or, more imprtantantly, to your self.


                    I am not going to play with words here. Beauty is subjective and all other nonsense some people dish out to avoid telling the truth is funny but irrelevant.

                    Speaking for my self ; I primarily go for looks. If someone is not good looking I dont bother. She can have a great personality but that does nothing for me.



                      I think 'primarily' it is the same for everybody. Guys go for good looks.

                      But looks being subjective is not a humbug. I mean, none is going to doubt that Dimple is beautiful. But it took me some time to discover that Kajol is beautiful. I think there is a part of personality here. But of course, are you going to discover that Tuntun is pretty after an year. NO!

                      Thus looks matter. Dravid might be more important for Indian team but it is Jadeja who does most of the ads. (You could take a photograph of Kumble or Dravid. The only title that comes to mind is "Missing from....") Madhuri is doing a movie with Jadeja. She wanted someone with a sweet smile. (Ms. Dixit, who told you that my smile is bad one?)

                      And most will agree, probably, that Clinton, or Benazir or Nehru would not have been even half as successful if they looked like Al Gore, Leghari or Kamraj. So looks DO matter.

                      Wonder how it is for girls. Of course for raising family they have to worry about factors other than looks. But if they just want to have affair, I guess they would go by looks.

                      But girls can tell better.

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                        Beauty is definatly important to me personally. But if I had a choice between a beautiful woman who couldn't add 1 + 1, and an average woman with a brain, I'd choose the average woman. I need someone I can communicate with, not some ditz who can't understand what I'm saying and can't relate her feelings. Communication is important. Physical attraction is as well. At the end of the day, you do have to sleep with this person. And you should be attracted to them, it wouldn't be fair to them or yourself if you weren't.


                          A question, if I may...

                          You see a woman, beautiful, attractive, and as luck would have it, intelligent too.

                          You fall in love with her, the very moment you set eyes on her.

                          You get together a few, times. Then maybe go steady for a while.

                          Then, the same woman you love, gets to be in an accident of some kind. She Loses all her beauty. She's not attractive anymore. The charm she had, is lost.

                          My Question to you all, would you still go steady with her, in her hour of darkness, solely on the bases of her intelligence? Would you still be there for her, when there is nothing in it for YOU.

                          Tell you what, you need not reply to my Cury,
                          But now that I've asked this question, atleast now you all know within you, where you stand in matter of REAL LOVE.


                            If I were in a premarital relationship and she looses her looks then its over.


                              "Beauty lies in the eyes of Beholder"

                              This is a very old one ... well but its true .. s far as i go ... well i try to balance between seeret and sooret .. although at the same time i do think that the other person ought to be attractive for you to be with them .. what i mean is that all that we see in someone in first couple of mulaqaats is who he/she looks .... talks ... walks .. these all are part of beauty to me .... and in the mean time you can also judge their seeret to some extent and if together goes well then i would go for the one .... see i have known alot of really good looking guys ,,, but airheads.... i swear ... they have no personality goal in life except to maintian their beauty ... al they care about is themselves .. always pre-occupied with themselves... and i defintiely do not want to pass the rest of my life with a jerk like that .... definitely not ...

                              thats about it ...i agree with most of the friends here and there opiniions ...


                              *** If you can't understand my silence, You can't understand my words***