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indian cinema in pakistan!

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    indian cinema in pakistan!

    do pakistanis like to watch indian movies?
    I would certainly like to know!
    Simple ain't easy.

    I think it is illegal in both countries to watch other's movies. If Pakistanis or Indians watch, it is illegal.

    They call it 'cultural invasion'. They are very paranoid of their culture being destroyed (If the culture is fragile enough to be destroyed by such small things, it better get destroyed.).

    But fear of some Pakistanis that unlimited access to Pakistan market of Indian movies will destroy their local cinema is correct. Regional cinema in India, except south has not stood against Hindi cinema (or as Pakistanis call it Urdu cinema, take your pick)

    But maybe a few movies a year can be allowed in Pakistan and India can allow Pakistani movies without restrictions since its industry can stand competetion. Something govts. can do.


      I am from the western state of India -- Maharashtra and I had never had the chance to meet any Pakistani's before coming to the US. I was pretty surprised at the amount of following that Indian movies have in Pakistan. It was amusing to know that a lot of Pakistanis know more about Indian actors and actresses than I do !!
      I was also surprised to note that there are no acting/theatre schools in Pakistan (like the one we have in Pune).
      I agree with PG that domestic industry must be protected to some extent whether it's films or other industries.
      But setting up an acting school might help in nuturing the talent that I am sure exists in Pakistan. Like Amitabh Bachchan says -- actors are made, not born !!


        You will find many more interested members in the Shor Sharaba section of the Forums. .. . .

        Please continue there.