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Where are we headed?

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    Where are we headed?

    I'm thinking, I've lived most of my Life out of Pakistan.
    Thus not being in their company as much.

    Recently I was advised by a friend to spend some time with a few Pakistanis.

    I figured, aint no harm in tryin'.
    So here I am on this Webpage.

    And to tell the truth, my experience with all of you, behind the curtains, has not been that bad.

    But people of my country, Damn sorry to say, are really hard to deal with, in person.

    You can call it plain Bad luck, or what ever.

    I found a few guys, Pakistanis, and I got to know them, and their families as well. And nice families too, might I add. Really decent, making me feel comfortable.

    But the younger, people. Well, there's a totally different story.

    All they ever wanna talk about is how great there last night was with a '*****' they found hangin' in the mall. Excuse my language, but I'm trying to prove the sheer stupidity and inhumanity of these people.

    In Brief, a few days ago, one of them suddenly sitting in the room, took off his entire colthes, just to show how macho he looked from beneath.

    I mean, WHOA. I am a God Fearing person. And GOD, was I scared that moment. Scared that I might kill a guy right there at the very spot.

    There is a limit for Cryin' out Loud. If this is what our young are being taught, that as long as they are not in Pakistan they can pretty mch do what they desire,

    Then BOY are we headed for Disaster.

    Its hard to Imagine that HE could be from the same people, you all are here from!


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      I think everyone would agree that there are good people and bad people in all cultures and all societies. As far as Pakistanis are concerned (and in particular Pakistanis living outside of Pakistan) my experience with them has been a positive one. Of course I have met a number, who I couldn't and wouldn't be able to get along with. Like in any group the vast majority are good people.

      We all have issues to deal with, and some of us have greater issues than others. As far as your friends (or acquantinces) sleeping with *****ES and showing off their machismo to you is concerned, its a common phenomenon in the west for men to behave like this (which I'm sure you are well aware of). It must have been a greater shock for you, since it was coming from a Pakistani man. I know a few Pakistani men who are like that, it doesn't really bother me, I just like to laugh at them, they obviously have serious issues to deal with. I hope in the future your interactions with Pakistanis are better ones, because (in my opinion) we really are beautiful people.





          yeah i like that Achtung....we really are beautiful people. dear cancer the ppl u've met do not truly represent all of us. But u've pointed out a serious issue. After all these are our brothers and sisters unfortunately they are not very clear abt these things. As a matter of fact not only here in the west but also back home in pakistan they are engaged in unislamic activities.


            i fully endorse your views zainab