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    Time to Go

    It's been great.
    Thanks for the good times and the lessons.
    I'll remember you all forever. . .

    Those of you that need to get a hold of me can do so on email. .. you know where to find me.

    Take care, be good and look after yourselves.


    Yeah, yeah, whatever.

    Enough said.
    The prince who is otherwise known as TLK




      what do u meaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan time to goo??? hey u almost gave my little heart a heart attack there!!?! this would better be some joke!!! u probably just mean that ur stepping down from being the moderator! but u'll still be around!!!! ????????RITE????????


        u r in UH right

        yeah n it was n excelent forum
        excelent ppl and there mitured talking

        take care


          Finally my prayers are answered.
          Yes! there is a God.
          Muzna ji,
          I really liked the way you perform your responsibility, all I can say that job well done. I hope we will still see your postings on this forum if not it will be an intellectual crime. Wherever you are going good luck but please come back as often as possible.
          We never met but still looks like I know you to some extent and that person is a wonderful person.
          In the end I wish you luck and happiness and a life full of joy and prosperity.
          Allah Hafiz
          Syed Sultan Ahmad


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            u r still the best girl in the world.


              1999 hasn't really been a good year for two reasons as of now:

              Michael Jordon is retired and Muzna left the Gupshup.

              The impact of her departure would be the same for GupShup as Jordan's retirement for NBA...may be even more.

              so long...


                Have a good life Muzna.



                  I dont get it, why exactly are you leaving?
                  Are you being fired, or are we too much for you to handle.
                  I mean, its rude to just pick up the bags and LEAVE. Not that I'm complaining or anything, but as they say, curiosity kills the Cat!

                  If you dont wanna say nothing, then might I say that it was fun talking to you, and no one will be able to take the place of your intellect.


                    Damn! Azkar won't let me leave.

                    So I'll stick around. . but not as moderator. . . I've got a few things to handle right now. . working on my own site too. . .

                    Tariq - Chupp! Bahot ziyada bolnay lagay hain aap!

                    Hayaa - I love you doll.

                    Rabab - What is UH?

                    SSultan -- Had I known that your prayers could have been answered by my leaving, I would have obliged long ago.

                    Mundya - Smooch!

                    ts26418 - I would never have guessed that you cared. . .

                    Stud - My life could be better. . . you coming to Chicago?

                    Frustration - This is the first post from you that actually and truly reflects your handle - frustrated.

                    Azkar Bhaijan. . .
                    Ab main kiya karoon.... aap hee bata'ain...

                    Thanks to all of you!
                    And to those that picked up the phone and called.


                      God bless Azkar!


                        Azkar yaar, dil khush kitta ee tussi.

                        For many, no...most of us here, when we think GupShup we think Muzna.
                        Then that Muzna, no GupShup.

                        For reason, ruling alone, is a force confining - and passion, unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction - Khalil Gibran




                            For reason, ruling alone, is a force confining - and passion, unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction - Khalil Gibran



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