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    hi everyone
    ok lets say i hav this friend who has moved somewhere far from the person he/she loves so do u think their relationship could work out????

    It's not that easy to answer this question. . .

    You need to specify a whole lot more before anyone can even begin to provide insight.

    What are the ages? What stage of life are these folks in. .e.g. studying, working, etc.?
    Why have they moved apart?
    Who else influences the relationship. .e.g. family?
    What stage is the relationship at? Puppy love, Lust, Love?

    So much more is needed . . .


      they are youngsters and does all that really matter. love is love what does all that hav to do with it.


        Ah!! Let me tell my observations. I have seen few of them. In one case it lasted several years after which they divorced. In other two cases they came together after a long gap of staying away as if nothing happened. At least it seems so, for an outside observer. In two cases, they did come together, but the female strayed a bit and had few sexual affairs in the period they were away. Men also might have done the same But I don't know them. Yah.. depends on the people. I guess if they are young and attractive, they might cheat on the partners when away. If they are old, they might think of quitting relationship which is not of any particular use. In case of an in-between age, say you have 10 years of successful marriage behind or like, relationship stands a chance to stand distance and time. That is my observation. given a choice, I'll not recommend.


          Dearest tina,
          I understand by this passion the union of desire, friendship, and tenderness, which is inflamed by a single female, which prefers her to the rest of her sex, and which seeks her possession as the supreme or the sole happiness of our being.

          The answer to your question, in my opinion, should be based more on observation than on reasoning.

          Do long term relationships "work" ? the answer depends upon the definition of work! for one definition of this word... they dont.
          for another one, they do!
          "love is love what does all that hav to do with it. "
          this suggests the latter!

          "Take me to you, imprison me, for I,
          Except you enthrall me, never shall be free,
          Nor ever chaste, except you ravish me."

          John Donne (c. 1572-1631), English divine and metaphysical poet. Last lines of Holy Sonnets, no. 14.

          ..... and i'll wait up in the darl for you to speak to me..... and i'll open up... release me.
          - black jewels of insignificance
          [email protected]


            Dear Tina,
            How r u... I'm a new user and trying 2 make a friend where do u live...Tell me more
            waiting 4 ur reply


              Dearest Tina

              Do I belive that long distance relationships work/last?

              Nope. I have seen so many of my friends depressed and broken up from being far away from their loved one, that I wouldn't recommend it.

              But you know what, if two people love each other so much, then they could probably make it work. But I'm totally against it.

              Oh, Muzaffar welcome to gup shup friend. C-ya around.



                Thank u for mailing and masseges,
                Miss Memoona,
                U have a good point to describe da LOV, but Aap nahein jantein kay is dunay may hum jaisay bhe to hain. Jenhay pyar karney ke saza milee or ilzaam be yeh laga k pyar aik martaba kyoon kya......... Hamsafar, Kyon is dunya main akailay chor jatay hain..

                Leave it.....

                Wish U All Gud Luk

                Sorry about anything wrong..


                  Dear Canadians,

                  Can U give me ur e-mail addresses(if u don't min..) at

                  [email protected]



                    Hi Tina,

                    long distance relations can work!!

                    i think the question to ask is is there complete trust in the relationship. if there is then there is no reason why the relationship will not work. i have seen it being done for over two years!!!


                      whether they work or not depends upon what you want from them.

                      a nice partner to share your life and love with, they work!
                      long term relationship or marriege, they seemingly dont!

                      i would oppose anyone who is against long distance relationship. my reason is that we do not choose to be in a relationship... we just find ourselves much into it! so we need to take as much out of it as we can.


                        Nops !!!! long distance relationship can't work ... yeah !!! surely you can start one at a distance then the 2 individuals need to be closer to each other ( i do not mean have sex ) to understand each other .. to feel secure and be confident and i am definite and hope that ya all will agree with me that this cannot happen in long distance relationship ... and let me tell ya ... friendship will work ... but not love for opposite gender.....

                        *** If you can't understand my silence, You can't understand my words***


                          welll who loves he raves
                          so it shoud work


                            "... and let me tell ya ... friendship will work ... but not love for opposite gender....."

                            the immediate consequence to this statment is a serious question,

                            sexual attraction not being inculded in the definition of love, what differnces is there between friendship and love?



                              hi tina

                              it depends ....was there a relationship between the two be4 gettin appart???and how deep was it?....however, what i think is that, its difficult to maintain long distance relationships.......although love doesnt c the distances...but, the value and care of the one u love may ...may...decrease....cuz the care, and time u need from ur partner isnt there.Get my point?

                              catch ya..