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    Quest for the like-minded

    After numerous clicks of the "search" icon , Hello one and all .

    We are an inter-racial couple in Scotland , white male , Pakistani female , concerned about the apparent lack of information/support on the net ?

    Are there any other couples or individuals with suggestions ? Looking for websites and homepages .

    Hello Dok w

    What kind of websites or homepages are you looking for?

    The prince who is otherwise known as TLK


      Hi Dok,

      I'm assuming your looking for "like minded" Pakistanis involved in interracial relationships and webpages which provide support to such couples. I don't know if any exist, if they do, I haven't seen them. But this is an excellent place to retain your anonimity and ask questions related to Pakistani culture, religion, and anything else that comes to your mind. We'd be happy to assist you and I think you'll get a diverse enough reply from Pakistanis from across the world, which will give you a balanced view of our position on various subjects. Good luck in your search


        Yes, welcome to Gup Shup.
        You are sure to get a very broad range of views and opinions on everything under the sun, as it pertains to Pakistani culture and otherwise.

        Stay a while.


          As has been stated above , we are looking for websites / homepages that offer support or open forum for those in inter-racial relationships , preferabley with strong Pakistani input .
          We look forward to offering a new voice(s) to those already raised in debate here .