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    Dilip Kumar

    I heard that Dilip Kumar has been given some award by the Pakistani government - Sitara-e-Imtiaz or something. I was wondering what all of you think about this - does he deserve it, etc.

    I'm sorry but is Dilip Kumar an Indian Bollywood actor? What type of films did he appear in, old or new?

    If he is Indian, I think its sad. Pakistani's should be supporting their own arts not those outside of its borders. I don't really care how nationalistic that may sound. I hear the same arguments here in Canada, by Canadians who are tired of American films and stars getting recognition over Canadians. That is why so many competitions for Canadian art awards are limited to Canadians only. I wish Pakistan would implement a similar award strategy and support their own music, culture and entertainters.


      I think there was a competetion to give prizes sometime back. Govt. of India gave 'Bharat-Ratna" to Gaffar Khan. Pakistan confered "Nishan-e-Pakistan" on Moraraji Desai in retaliation. I think Noorjahan got some award in India and maybe Pakistani govt. thought of replying this enemy move by giving an award to Dilip Kumar.

      All this, of course is not as innocent as it sounds. In politics, they are giving prizes to leaders in opposition (Any bets on Benazir getting next Bharat-Ratna ) Gaffar Khan prize bas aimed to get a constituency in NWFP. Dilip kumar prize may be aimed at getting a constituency among Indian Muslims.


        Two words: HA HA!


          I think that if Dilip Kumar/Yusuf Khan deserves it. On which base he does deserve it? Not as an artist even not as a moslim brother.
          His contribution to Pakistan film industry was: Sajad Ghul offerd Dilip Kumar for a role in his film " SAJJDA " and he said that he will let him know when he will come to Pakistan for his NISHAN-E-IMTIYAZ.
          When he arrived in Pakistan mr Sajjad Ghul let him rememberd his offer. Then Dilip Kumar said sorry i'm not allow to accept your offer
          because of Indian Government (ha.ha)()

          His contribution to Pakistani Government was:
          I heard that he was the man (one of the less moslim brothers)perhaps only moslim brother who did beg for money to rebuilt his country (which country India or Aghanistan)after the war with Pakistan.

          Khuda Hafiz


            So what do you expect him to do?

            What did pakistan do for Bihari Muslims who helped Pak and stood the pressure of locals? Is there any sign that Biharis will come out of camps. (Plight of East Pakistani muslims under Islamic republic of pakistan is another story.) And what are the opinions expressed about Mohajirs in Pakistan. Maybe he should stand for Muslim brotherhood. But then Pakistani state also should stand for it.


              Can not we talk about a muslim person without calling him "muslim brother". Dilip Kumar did not get that reward for his religious contributions. Can't we appreciate someone based on his talent without bringing religion or nationality in the picture.

              I think that this is the same thought process which always hold us from appreciating the work of Tagore or acknowledging Gandhi as a great leader.

              And what about all the appreciations and awards Mehdi Hassan, Ghulam Ali, Reshman, Nazia Hassan and Nusrat Fateh Ali received from India (not to mention Faiz Ahmed Faiz who was the honorary vice chancellor of one of the Indian Universities).

              As a matter of fact, we should be proud that for the first time in the history of Pakistan, we got the courage to acknowledge an artist at an official level without considering his religion or nationality.
              The prince who is otherwise known as TLK


                Dear fellows,

                if you recall the history of Pakistan and India just after independence you will remember that indian leaders very openly said that they will not let Pakistan survive, and unfortunately they were successful to some extent (loss of east Pakistan).

                Now they also know that they cannot beat Pakistan by an open war, and the another very effective way of changing people mind is through cultural invasion, and that is one of the reason that most of our renowned artists has got the awards from india and after that they were continuously praising india in their every interviews and also that their is no concept of boundry in art etc etc.

                So if the renowned people are talking such things that will definitely affects the thoughts of general public and result is then quite evident.

                If india is really so sincere in giving awards to acknowledge the talent then why it is giving awards to people from film and music cetegory only?

                As far as giving award to dulip kumar is concerned i think it is not justified in any way.

                best regards


                  Do u truly believe that loss of east pakistan is due to india or due to west pakistani leaders+army? I thought it is a reasonably discussed topic in Pakistan and guilt is accepted.

                  On the lighter note, maybe Pakistan govt. is trying the same policy of cultural invasion to destroy India by giving prize to Dilip Kumar. Why don't yo wish them success in this job of destroying India (I feel though that Indians themselves are more likely to end up doing it.)