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e-mail is great!

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    e-mail is great!

    Just think, you can say what you want (within limits) and you will not be judged - negatively or positively - because of you family, age looks or money, but purely on the basis of what you say. How many situations in life are so fair?

    And if you want to have fun you can pretend to be another person, or several people (if you have the ability not to confuse yourself), say one thing and then the opposite of it..... has anyone here tried this? What's your opinion?

    Shirin. send me your email address.
    Please and thank you.


      i haf survived the darkest of the hour..
      the most violent of the fits..
      the most confusing of illusions...

      with the help of

      1) e-mail
      2) Female!

      vague ideas...
      obscure prophecy...
      black jewels...
      of insignificance.

      [email protected]


        Salams Shirin

        Hey where you been? Kithne dinon ke baad mulakath hue hai. Well, I love e-mailing but never tried to change my id. So can't really say much.


          Muzna, I have sent a message to admin. hope that was OK.

          Memoona, Salam alaikum, nice to meet you. No, I never tried to change my id either, but I'm sure there are people who have, so I'd like to know something more about that from our experts.

          I write regularly on two other forums, but they are closed and one of them is professional. So I present myself in a rather different way. Gupshup lets me show another part of myself. I enjoy meeting a very different type of person. And I have met so very many interesting people this way.

          I am curious about those who have nick-names - how and why did you choose them?



            I think we do not realize what a great opportunity this actually is. The Gup Shup Forum for example is an outlet for thousands of intelligent Deisis who may discuss issues of concern without fear. The real reason for its success is simply because of the manner in which the Moderators have handled it so far. I think we got lucky with People Like Farouq, Azkar and Muzna.
            Something really wonderful has happened here.

            As for my nick name; IT seems to be a logical reflection of my being. Good looks, Personality, Charm all rolled in to one Word : STUD. ( Did I mention Modesty)

            I think Shireen brings out an interesting point. When we write on the Forum , Have we invented a character or does it really reflect our own Reality?

            Well frankly Speaking my Nick began as an obnoxious over confident self absorbed male. But suddenly I found my self challenged by the issues on the forum.
            Secretly and slowly sincerity seeped in.
            The evolution of this character I created began to reflect my most inner thoughts. Stud is me witout the superficial modesty I flaunt in Real Life. Stud is me without the diplomacy I dish out every day in college. Stud is me minus the relegious respect I show to the elders in my family.

            What Began as a joke Shireen, Turned in a reflection of Reality.




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                  Shirin interesting point.

                  I'm sure there are people who change their nic when they want a new identity. Why shouldn’t they?
                  The Internet is anonymous gathering place, that is its comfortable benefit as well as its great negative. We must accept that as part of being on "the web".

                  Personally, I wanted the anonymity a nic would give me to discuss any issue I desired. So I’m from Kashmir and a girl, easy right? Of course, that anonymity is quickly fading.


                    A cupalla days ago I heard someone referring to internet as

                    8TH CONTINENT!

                    I think it sounds fantatic, has a nice ring to it!


                      WW I, WW II and WWW have been three major events of this century.