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    You may not believe it but it is true.....
    there is this guy. Lets say **BUDHOOO**
    He finds a gal (bewaqoof ) and they come to know each this guy has a friend **budhoo 2**.
    Budhoo and bewaqoof are both flirting with each other and budhoo 2 knows every thing + is always arranging their meetings.

    After some time budhoo and bewaqoof break up.

    bewaqoof finds another pagal and after a couple of months they are fed up of each other.Now this budhoo2 knows about both affairs.


    He is still getting married to bewaqoof just because his parents want so.

    The thing is the parents don't know anything but budhuuu2 does.

    If he knows every thing about bewaqoof shouldn't he be telling his parents rather than turning so many peoples life into hell.........?????????


    If budhoo2 doesn't want to marry the girl because he is aware of her past relationships then he should simply tell his parents that he does not wish to marry her.

    Simple as that. No need to get into explanations at all. .. . .


      "If he knows every thing about bewaqoof shouldn't he be telling his parents"

      No, he should not, beacause he is a budhoo too (budhoo2, get it. He, he).

      And BTW, I dont think that budhoo (original) is such a budhoo. He sounds pretty "clever" to me. Kind of like a role model for most of us men.
      The prince who is otherwise known as TLK


        The names that you chose were extremely confusing, i read it over and over again, trying to figure out who was flirting with whom.. and ended up being confused!

        what i wanna talk about is not the real topic, but the reasoning applied to it:

        "budhoo2 doesn't want to marry the girl because he is aware of her past relationships."

        What i feel like is.. if the girl had been having affairs ...
        so what???
        whats the big deal?
        this shouldnt be a criteria to find out if a girl is fit for marriege!!

        Does flirting belong to guys only? do girls have no right to have affairs? why not?

        i have often seen in pakistan, that the girls who have been flirting, or having affairs, are termed as "gushtee" and "chaaloo".. why are no such terms for guys?

        Such girls are considered good for having affairs, and dating, but are often considered unfit for marriege. why is it so?

        It is common in pakistanis, people accuse you.. is ki beti kay ladkon kay saath talukaat hain.. such an accusation is much talked about in the scoiety, and is a big disgrace.
        why are not such aligations made like.. is kay betay kay ladkion ay taluk hain?

        i think flirting or having an affair is a basic human right, and shouldnt not be the criteria for marking a girl fit or unfit for marriege.

        sorry for kinda deviating from the real topic.


          If you forget theory or arguments, I guess it is not just Pakistan. Even in west, if a girl changes boyfriend too often, guys are worried to propose marriage.

          Men are emotionally weaker than women and need much more soothing of their ego.


            Visaal e yaar faqat arzoo ki baat nahi

            Meray Roz O Shab k Nisaab Main Meray Paas Apna To Kuch Nahi