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    What do you think will be most positive and negative things if i marry a hindu gal whos converting to muslim before marriage??

    I do not see any thing wrong in doing so.


      Why should she even convert.
      Religion is a way of life, and if you are comfortable with her way of life, I dont see why she should or you should convert.
      You dont marry a religion , you marry a human.
      At least the kids would learn to be tolerant, which is lacking a great deal in us these days.



        If you are Muslim, and asking what does
        Islam say about this, then yes you can marry
        her if she becomes muslim before marriage.


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          As far as I know, if a man marry to a Ahle Kitab ( Christian, Jewish)girl, you can do so even without converting her religion and she can stay with her own religion. But this is not the case, when a man marry to women of any other religion like hindu or budhism. She has to accept Islam before she marries.
          However a muslim woman can not marry to a non muslim man even if he is Ahle Kitab.
          Somebody will ask why is that? of course there are many historical, social, scientific and biological explainations of this. But the simple and most correct answer is "Because Allah and Rasool (SAW) has said so". (wallah alam bis sawab)


            Just one observation. While it is good if someone converts to Islam and gets married to a Muslim, it is imperative that the person is sincere in their devotion to Islam. Very often people will 'convert' to Islam for the sake of marriage; however, they truly do not seek the beauty of Islam, but rather see it as a means of being with someone they 'love.' While it is hard to judge someones sincerity towards Islam, especially in such a case, please do be cautious. As a simple example, I know of a girl who married a man who 'converted' to Islam only to hear a few weeks later that he could not continue 'being Muslim' because his parents wouldnt let him. Best of luck.


              Thanx alot people for all your comments on this topic. However i will make sure that if she converts, she will convert from her heart and becuase she likes ISLAM and is willing to practise it.


                How does it matter? Your children will be Muslim anyway so the faith will spread. I know a Bengali Muslim family in which all the children, both sons and daughters, married Hindus, though they did not bother to convert their spouse.

                Does anyone have information if Jinnah converted his Parsi wife when they married or Jinnah's daughter who married a Hindu converted her husband.



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                    dear rabiya

                    impressive !!!
                    but the problem is that a muslim CAN NOT marry a hindu woman and if a woman marries a hindu then do you know that she is wajib-ul-katal(allowed to be killed)

                    but yes if she converts ONLY then you can

                    but a friendly advice for you yaar

                    that do n't poison your life do n't fool your self do n't you know the importance of religon for western gals even if they are hindu they can just say that they have converted but do you think your children will act on islamic pricnciples as much as you do if not more becas remember children always learn from mother not for father (i am talking about boys in particular)


                      I tend to disagree with a few of the other posters who believe that religion can be ignored when it comes to institutions as important as marriage. I can see this being the case in a situation where the two parties are non-religious, but in cases where one (or both) of the parties interested is religious its quite possible that the religion may become a bone of contention in the years to come.

                      The most important thing that can come out of your marriage to this newly converted Muslim is, I would hope, happiness for the two of you. The most negative thing that can come out of your marriage, is the possibility of failure. I have seen many marriages between spouses of differing religions fail, when one spouse becomes zealous and attempts to force their religion on the household. This imposition can even be the most subtle in nature, yet cause disagreements. Also you may want to think about in-law arrangements. In-laws in Pakistani society are harsh enough, it would be definately uncomfortable for someone who had in-laws from both sides of the border differing in religious views. But if you really *love* (whatever that means) this girl, than you can probably learn to bear her parents Hindu ways.


                        Is she cute ? If so then go for it.



                          I guess it all depends upon a person. For me, I definately think that the Hindu bride or groom needs to be converted to a muslim. Others on this forum probably would'nt care. It all depends upon how far sighted you are and whether you have a vision or not.

                          Later on


                            If she sincerely converts then it is ok.

                            However, i could never tell if someone wanted to convert or just wanted me. (don't take it the way it sounds)

                            The fear is of course that if i have 3 kids and die will my converted spouse have enough strength to raise our children in the manner I desired. Then again there are Muslims who aren't the most religious also. So there is no guarantee hunh?

                            I agree with actung, religion become very important when children come into the picture. Teaching tolerance of others in one thing. But religion guides how u live your life and how u celebrate holidays, clothes u wear etc.

                            Nova kids of mixed religions usually end up being athiest or agnostic. The kids r confused one religion says mom will go to hell the other dad. Who can except that?

                            I thing the way the world is today u need some religious base. it doesn't matter which one, but just one is needed.

                            Also how could u allow your children to grow up knowing their religion teaches them their lovely nani/nana will go to hell cuz they are kafir?

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                              I tend to disagree with Rabiya Nur( She wrote, I dont see any problem marrying some one out side ..........) and some of our readers. If you are talking on your behalf only as a your personel thought, then its OK but if you are talking as a muslim and wants to know what is wrong and riht in Islam then its a problem. Sorry to say that but let me ask you Who are you to decide what is religiously wrong or right. If we have explicit orders from Quran and Hadith with regard to any topic in Islam, then we have no choice but to accept it.No matter how strongly it appears to differ with our own thoughts and ideas which are based on nothing but our pseudo-intellectualism. Modern society has blessed us with higher education and comminication and gives the oppurtunity of free thoughts and ideas.But on the other hand if we take all these ideas as granted then its very dangerous.
                              If you read the History of mankind, you will realize that religion has played always a great role for shaping the society and its values. From the movement of Protestant in England up to Einstein era only the last two centuries, was the period when Europe (not muslim world) was disillusioned with religion. But now that era has gone. Now even the modern world scholars, philosphers and social scientist acknowledge the importance of religion in our life.
                              What I am trying to say is that we should not try to by pass religion in any matters of our life, weather it is marriage or some thing else. If we see in Islam. any thing contrary to our so called modern ideas, it does not mean that that quranic Aya or Hadith is wrong. It simply means that our mind at present is unable to comprehend the matter. So we should just accept it. Time will prove ( as it has proven in the past) that Quran and hadith were right.