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Was Ayub the best Pakistani ruler?

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    Was Ayub the best Pakistani ruler?

    Who do u think was the best ruler after Jinnah's death, Jinnah anyway did not rule long enough?

    Some people think it was Ayub Khan? Or you think Bhutto (ZAB or BB) or Zia or Yahya or Nawaz?

    In some sense, it is a difficult choice. But maybe Ayub was best among worst.

    On the 7th of October 1958 All our hopes and dreams for A Great Pakistan came to an end. . General Ayub conspired with Iskandar Mirza to abrogate the Constitution and Declare Martial Law.

    The two criminals set in to motion a series of events that murdered all hopes of Civilian Authority. Ayub is not the Lesser of the Three Evils , He may be termed as the Root of all evil in the Turbulent History of Pakistan. .



      "best among worst."

      .... ????


        Don't know much about politics , some about the history of pakistan.But all my elders tell me that 60's was the best era of pakistan... infact they all call it the GOLDEN ERA... and Ayub Khan was the ruler then.... part of my family has been in politics and so i do agree with their opinion.. but again it really matters what perspective are u looking at to say wether he was the best one or not ... it may be differnt if we look at it from different perspectives...

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          I agree with you, I think Ayub was the best leader of Pakistan, following Jinnah's short term. Regardless of his mistakes, he did have Pakistan's economy booming (although the benefits of the boom were relegated to an small insular group).