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What do you think of this "Western Scociety"?

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    What do you think of this "Western Scociety"?

    These three stories happened right infront of my eyes, I just want every one's openion about the moral character of western society and please tell me how much respect a western scociety gives to a woman?
    Please, no crap and no comparison between islam and the Western society?
    First story: I know so many indian (hindu and sikh)and christain guys from the universities here in USA and Canada, posing themselve as muslim or saying that they have interest in learning islam to get near the muslim girls.
    One of the guy even went farther and told a muslim girl that he would convert to Islam if she married to him, Guess what, they got married against the will of girls parents and right after the marriage he announced himself as a non muslim again and ruined the life that poor muslim girls. What do you guys think about the character of Hindus, sikhs and Christains regarding this matter?
    Where is the respect of that girl now in the western society?

    Second story:
    A jewish, my workmate, always tell me, "he has corrupted these many Pakistani and muslim girls", and tells me that it is very easy to get hold of a muslim girl, by telling her that he is intersted in Islam and wanted to learn about islam. And once she comes near to him then he starts talking about the weakpoints in the islamic societies. In this way he creats some doubts in their minds about the islam and islamic values and after sometimes, he is succeeded to get her.
    He keeps telling me all this just to let me and my society down.
    What do you guys think about this character of Western Society?


    You told us that you are going to tell three stories.

    But you told only two.

    Waiting for the third.

    This is something like a story of someone coaching batting to the kids.

    "There are three important things in batting. First one, I would tell you after you learn other two well. Second one.. well.. that is not very important. And third one.. oops. I forgot."


      Sounds like sexual predators. Most societies have them. It is unfair to hold these people as representive of their respective societies.

      Dude, you need to get new friends.


        WELL EVER HEARD THAT SONG BY LAUREN HILL THAT GOES LIkE.... "GIRLS YOU GOTS TO WATCH OUT.. SOME GUYS AND GALS ARE ONLY ABOUT THAT THING THAT THING THAT THINGGGG" lol well anywayz... let me tell you gals something... .95% of guys are all about sex when they wanna hook up or atleast want too have it after they hook up. but %4 of them LIE, soo gals you gots to watch out... dont be soo gulable and listen to every guy whos soo sweet cuz sooner or later hes gona have you in some motel and then break your heart after. and 1 % dont lie and are serious


          Ok, ok. Good point. Who better than a man [boy] to set me straight on how and why men [boys] lie, aye? What lies do you use, if not religious lies? Or are you part of that 1%?

          Written in fun...

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            I've had Muslim guys try to tell me to get with times. the world is changing be more liberal, just to get what they want. It has nothing to do with the West and all to do with immoral men.


            Agree with saira about sexual predators. It happens in every society.

            You have to realize most guys know that the only way they are going to get sex with a muslim girl is through marriage. so if it is a means to an end. They do it.


              I agree that *these* particular men are manipulative and dubious, and at the same time not representative of their communities (which was so aptly labelled the West). But I don't think you can forget the other party involved. Females have to be a bit more cautious and less naive. Often in their quest for attention they are easily made victims to such deceitful men. Beware, like Furqan quoted Lauryn Hill "Girls You Gots To Watch Out."


                Agree with u actung and farquan. Girls do need to watch out. All the time.

                It is not our fault were so nave.

                Why do our parents raise us to be so sheltered?

                We raised with an incredible idealization for muslim/dessi men and THAT gets many girls in trouble.

                Also we are raised to believe all gorrah guys are horrid and we meet a nice one (even if hes not really) we are so surprised, shrewdness is not a thought.


                  I have a younger sister, and yes I would say that because she has older brothers, we have *sheltered* her. I think I'd rather use the word *protected* her. But at the same time we've taught her about guys and we haven't idealized any particular race or group of men. Of course we have a bias towards Muslim men but in general we've indicated that men are *bad*, ALL men (except us of course). And encouraged her to be cautious. I think other girls go through the same experience, and I think it IS their fault that they are naive. But not everyone has the same experiences, so I could be wrong.