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Who bothered to try to kill Mr. Sharief?

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    Who bothered to try to kill Mr. Sharief?

    Here are some candidates.
    a) MQM -Govt. says so.
    b) Osama bin Laden- If Nawaz ia trying to help US to catch him.
    3) CIA- If Pakistan is not co operating on CTBT, while Bnazir declared she will.
    4) Some wierd sectarian organization - Thinking that Sharief does not know Shariet enough.
    5) Govt. of India - Just for fun, to create instability in Pakistan. But it is not clear if unstable Pak is any good for India. Who u guys think may be one behind attempt or you have one more guess?

    Main aap kay is khayal se mutafiq nahi hoon keh koi nawaz ko marnay ki khoshish kar raha tha

    Meray Roz O Shab k Nisaab Main Meray Paas Apna To Kuch Nahi


      This is Washington Post news.

      Tardiness Spares Pakistani Leader

      By Munih Ahmed
      Associated Press
      Monday, January 4,S 1999; Page A15

      LAHORE, Pakistan, Jan. 3A bomb shattered a bridge and killed four people today shortly
      before Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was to cross it. Police said a delay at home
      saved the leader and his family from the assassination attempt in Raiwind, site of his
      private residence.

      The government said the bombing, which wounded three people, was carried out by an
      ethnic party formerly allied with Sharif.

      The roar of the 4:50 a.m. explosion could be heard for miles around Raiwind, 13 miles from
      Lahore. Police said the bomb exploded at the time Sharif usually crosses the bridge.

      Sharif's wife, Kusloom, said she just couldn't get her family moving this particular

      Information Minister Mushahid Hussain said Sharif was unshaken by the explosion and
      was concerned about those who died and were wounded.

      Three civilians and a police officer died. Police said two people still may be buried in the
      rubble. Three policemen were wounded, according to doctors and police officers in Lahore.

      "We are investigating all the aspects of the case," Hussain said, "but it is too early to
      blame someone."

      Police, however, suspect the ethnic Muttahida Qaumi Movement. A police source,
      speaking on condition of anonymity, said three of the group's workers were arrested in
      the southern city of Karachi in connection with the blast.

      Police raided the group's offices in Lahore, but made no arrests.

      Its leaders say blaming their group is another attempt by Sharif's government to destroy
      their political base in southern Sindh province and force their leaders underground.

      "The government wants to use this incident to launch a fresh crackdown on our party,"
      said Farooq Sattar, an MQM spokesman at a news conference for the group in Karachi.
      "They want to eliminate the MQM."

      Sharif blames the Muttahida Qaumi Movement for most of the violence in Karachi, the
      capital of southern Sindh province. The city of 14 million is Pakistan's largest and has
      been controlled by the group since the mid-1980s.

      More than 1,000 people died in political and religious violence there last year.


        Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee accused the Kashmiri fighters of being responsible for the attempt on life of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, urging Pakistan to stop encouraging militancy.
        The ZEE-Television quoted Vajpayee as saying: 'They (Pakistanis) did not listen to us. Yesterday, there was an attempt on life of their prime minister and they have blamed terrorists for the act ... terrorism has entered Pakistan and is targeting its leaders.' Also China is accusing Pakistan for training Muslim extremists. Beijing is believed to have complained to Islamabad against guerrilla training to the Muslim separatists from the northwestern autonomous Xinjiang province in the Pakistani tribal area as well as in neighbouring Afghanistan.
        Knowledgeable sources confided to 'The News' that the complaint had been made to Pakistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs which in turn forwarded it to the Ministry of Interior for a probe. The sources said the Interior Ministry through a letter on October 3 alerted the security agencies and asked it to gear up its efforts and look out for possible training grounds for Chinese Muslims in Pakistan.



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            I may be new at this gup shup forrum, but i know when i smell a rat ... what do you think anupap? Apneh aap ko kabi soonga hai?

            And we know that ZEE-tv is an indian sponsored channel, and often instigates propoganda.

            Oh, and as far as i can tell, the possibilty of Usama bin Laadin being involved is certainly out of the question ... this is what the enemies of Islam want us to think.

            ... and Allaah Knows Best

            smiles around


              Khabroon ki sadaqat par yaqeen karnay se pehlay German propaganda during World War II ke khaliq ko zaroor pharr layna .. us behooda German ka naam main bhool gia hoon .. jo es Science ka khaliq samaja jata hay.

              Oor rahi jahaan taak nawaz ki baat to us ko samajnay kay liay Yamani Nazzad Abu Amir (Almansoor) ko pharr lo (a left eye WINK 4 u)

              aik baat oor koi baniya bhi bola tha
              for baniya jee:
              lagta yahi hay ke hazaroon saal bad mili hovi azaadi khuch aap logon se hazum nahi ho pa rahee.
              thorra khail kood lo .. Qomoon ki tareekh main 50-100 saal to shamar bhi nahi hote, aghar aap logon ki yahi harkatain rahin to 100 se pehlay hi haazma droost kar dia jae ga

              Meray Roz O Shab k Nisaab Main Meray Paas Apna To Kuch Nahi


                Everyone I have a sincere request. Please stop responding to anupap68's posts. By responding to them is encouraging him to post more rediculous stuff from ZEETV, TVASIA and several other Indian newspapers. We all know his purpose.

                Later on


                  Friends. All the postings I have made are Cut and Paste from Pakistani newpapers and newsites. If you happen to read all Pakistani newspapers (dawn,Jang,Nation) and other websites you could get this information word by word. If you do not believe me , I could post the source of each website for each posting I posted.If you do not believe me then I say may Allah bless you. Khuda Haafiz. I will not post anything on this website in the future . Good bye.



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                      Anupap68 : I for one will not encourage you to be on this site. I am a jovial person but I WAS NOT JOKING WITH YOU AND NEITHER WAS I PULLING YOUR LEG. You are an intelligent person cause you got my hint and Allah Hafiz to you too.
                      Good riddens and Good luck.

                      Later on

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                          Cant figure you out Rubiya.

                          I have never hated indians, infact, I still have relatives in Dehli, bandra, Pali hill area, juhu beach etc, BUT I dont like insinuations about Pakistan and/or Muslims that are incorrect. Some of my best friends are indians and this anupap68 dude is very slippery and caniving and I'm the kinda guy that will tell it to you on your face - straight up.

                          You like anupap68's posts or like to respond to them, thats your business. I said what I had to say and felt about that character. Please dont act like Anupap68's mom because you are not. One last thing Rubiya, quit trying to make everyone happy, you cant and you cant be a friend to everybody.

                          Later on



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                              I know Mis Rubiya, but I was referenced in your post to anupap68. Listen, I dont want this to go any further than it already has. If what I said hurts then I'm sorry but its what I feel and I cant change that.

                              Later on