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first pakistani model's official website

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    first pakistani model's official website


    I'm Khurram. Please visit Khurram Uqaili's Official Modeling Site at . Its the first Pakistani model's official website.

    This site is intended for photographers/clients, agencts to look up for models and sign them for their projects, give them experience. Other people will find it interesting to surf on the net. I bet!

    Free submission of photos for models who want to get exposure on internet.

    Free messageboard for models, photographers/clients, agents to ask any question, suggestion, any matter pertaining to fashion industry.

    Moreover you can shop online and buy interesting/informative books and variety of things.

    I have a Cyber Palace where i have put everything you only dream of.

    This is first effort from me to gain exposure for myself and for new models on internet, especially from Pakistan. In this regard i need your support to make it more and more better.

    Please do visit the site. or and tell your friends about it. I'll be glad

    take care

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    [email protected]

    * Khurram Uqaili's Official Modeling Site
    * Khurram Uqaili's CPalace - I have everything you only dream of
    * MessageBoard - For Modeling, Photography & Fashion Industry