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    Suggestions needed


    We are in the process of forming an organization whose agenda will be to promote political awareness among the Muslim/Pakistani community residing in the U.S. as well as educating non-Mulsims about the spiritual depth and moral sophistication of the Quran. The mission statement reads something like this:

    To promote Islamic wisdom and peace through justice and targeted political action.

    We are looking for a suitable name for this organization. Some names that have been suggested sound either too radical or don't describe our mission adequately.Names like the New Reformation Society, Association of American Muslim Visionaries have been proposed, but I would welcome other suggestions. We need to register by the middle of next month at the latest, so any assistance you can give will be very much appreciated. thanks and Eid Mubarak to all in advance.

    If you are targetting Muslim Pakistani's you may think about possibly adopting a Urdu name. Unfortunately my Urdu is poor. Hopefully someone else can help out.


      I need some more time to think about a suggestion but one thing I know for sure. . I would not recommend an Urdu name.

      I assume that your target audience is ex-patriat Pakistanis. .the majority of whom speak English fluently. I would encourage a name that avoids reference to either religion or nation. . . New Reformation Society is a contender. .. . besides, I like the acronym. . NRS. .. heheeheee


        Assalam Alaikum

        Subhanallah! the targeted political action part sounds like you're going to take out hits, plant bombs etc.

        Do you have to take some sort of an oath when you establish your organisation?

        Do you have some sort of an action plan or manifesto about what you want to achieve, and what you will do when you achieve it?

        If you have an English name you'll sound too modernist, Urdu name sounds too Pakistani and Arabic name will be perfect because if you want to promote your ideas then you'll need to bring attention to yourself and it will appeal to all Muslims not just the Pakistanis. Personally i like Hizb-ut-Tahrir which loosely translated means Army of Reform.

        Assalam Alaikum


          Well its good rather cool to hear about that association. well the name kinda thing. yar plzz nam aassaaan rakhna taakay yaaad rahay i'll think on it.
          Allah Hafiz


            Thanks for your interest in the 'Group' Mudasser. If the word 'targeted' sends negative vibes, we can kick it out of our mission statement. Your suggestion about the Arabic name Hisb-ut-Tahrir sounds good, but it may not sit very well with the non-Muslim population. Our goals and objectives are to educate the local Muslim communities about the positive effects of getting involved in the American political system. I cannot go into the details yet, but we are in the process of creating a web site giving all the details and will let you know when we are done. This may sound like an over-ambitious project but we hope we will achieve good results. The agenda looks impressive and workable..which is encouraging. Wish us luck, and if you ever decide to join in please know that there is no Oath Taking (which is an African tradition methinks). We put our trust in our well wishers and hope that they don't play dirty with us.



              promoting political awareness... who will decide what is politically correct, and what if some of the people of the organization disagree to it?

              who will decide the spiritual depth and moral sophistication of koran? whom will yu follow. how will you go about to resolve theclash between the seventy two sects, and possibly seventy two hundred learneds, who have differences from each other? which aalim will yu follow.. and who will decide as to what is the meaning of a certain verse of koran?


                Dear JOI

                Decisions will be made as they are in any other organization..through dicussions, debate, and common consenses of the people involved.

                Noone needs to determine the spiritual depth and moral sophistication of the Koran. Anybody who takes the time to read and understand the Koran knows that Islam carries a universal principle of thought based on the affirmation that there is an ultimate reality of which we are merely an expression, and we need to develop a framework of moral law to secure peace through justice. As long as this universal message is understood, we don't need to go into the Mullah style nitty gritties which have no relevance to the real meaning of Islam.