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    Person of the century

    If we look for the person of the century in terms of the effect he had on the world directly or indirectly by his thoughts, one can think of following candidates.

    Lenin, Mao- Red list

    Roosvelt (was president of US for 16 years including during WW II), Churchil - Capitalist list

    Einstein - No scientist comes close in terms of effect on mathematical sciences. Chemists may talk of Pauling or Schrodinger. But pardon me, there is just no comaprison.

    Gandhi - No Indian/Hindu comes close (Mother Teresa? Indian by choice.)

    Khomeini, Kemal Pasha, Naser of Egypt, Jinnah - Important to varying degree Khomeini and Naser had a big effect internationally also -Muslim List

    Hitler, Stalin, Gorbachov, Indira Gandhi - Black list. Important, sure, but hated. Regional heroes like Castro, Mujib, Chang Kai Shek, Ho Chi Minh, Dalai Lama can also be favourites for some. But not known outside their countries.

    Have I missed out someone.

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