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Cheeseburgers in Islamabad

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    Cheeseburgers in Islamabad

    I thought this was a pretty interesting article/blog...its about an American who lived in Pakistan for some time and her experience about it..

    Just a bit from the title post...

    I learned a lot in the last two years: how to flourish in a developing country, how to work around government bureaucracy (sometimes the government of Pakistan's but much more often our own), how to say "No problem!" in Urdu (pronounce it "coy baat naHEE"), how to make your own fun on lockdown weekends (answer: DVD marathons of "The Office," Domino's pizza, and buying a kiddie pool for your puppies to swim in), how to make your bodyguard double as a dog-sitter/casserole holder/personal shopper, how to get used to being stared at constantly all the time in public without getting creeped out, and how to wrap a silky dupatta over your head, neck, and shoulders in the most flattering way (Okay, I'll admit: I never really did get the hang of this one. Usually I would go a few steps and turn around to see the scarf lying mangled a few feet behind me in the dust so generally I left it at home.) I starred in a sitcom called "Welcome to Pakistan" (which sadly never aired since I moved before we could finish taping more episodes), I sang in a band, I threw lots of themed parties.

    Most of all, I made a home. I made friends--not just with other Americans--and learned how easy it was to accept the hospitality and graciousness of my Pakistani hosts. I was invited to weddings, went on weekend trips, learned to blow shisha smoke rings, and was honored to be brought into people's homes and lives.

    The grass ain't always greener on the other side, it's green where you water it.

    Re: Cheeseburgers in Islamabad

    the very famous perception outsiders hav abt Pakistan!

    "That Islamabad would be in a desert wasteland like the Middle East, which it is nowhere near, 2. That I would always have to wear a head scarf in public,"

    u gotta come to Pakistan, interact with ppl and experience how it is completely different from middle eastern countries!