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    Human Addiction

    I was just going through this article and was wondering how much is this true.

    Are You Addicted To Some’ONE’?

    The term ‘addiction’ need not always be associated with materials, drugs, chemicals, drinks and so on. It may be with a living being also. Some people call it possessiveness, obsession and so on. But actually these are mild forms of addiction. You might have noticed that some day if you do not meet your pet, or may not be able to play with it, you get anxious and lose rest of the mind. People can have these kinds of feeling in case of plants also. A day they leave their plant un-nurtured by them and they go crazy. Though unfamiliar and uncommon, such cases are seen to exist. In human behavior, the kind of addiction seen often, but seldom recognized, is addiction to another human being. Though not chemical, alcoholic or any of such kinds, but this addiction is as dominating as the others. In fact it affects the human life in a greater way than any other addiction. For ease of communication, this kind of addiction shall be referred to as human addiction.

    The object of human addiction can be any human being who has a special value in the life of the subject, i.e. the victim. It can be a friend, a lover, a parent, a child, a brother, a sister, a teacher, a favorite actor or singer or any other kind of artist or sportsperson. Human addiction can even be for a person with whom you are not sure of a relationship. He may not be just a friend of yours, not even a lover, someone in between; a heart to heart relationship. This is the most problematic and painful addiction that many people come across.Addiction, of any kind, is harmful, either to the body or to the mind, and sometimes to both. An addicted victim must strive to break an addiction to lead a peaceful life ahead. Human addiction also needs to be broken down to prevent a victim’s life from shattering to pieces. Some instructions following this statement are tested ways for trial of attaining freedom from human addiction.


    My Question: do you believe in Human addiction?