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    Sexual Compatibility

    If you marry somone who was your perfect match in every way, funny, intelligent, beautiful and sensitive but was lackluster in Bed, would you consider leaving your partner? Interesting Hummmmmmmmmmmm!

    No perverted responses please!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    I would not...



      marriage isnt just for procreating, but sexual pleasure plays an imp. part in it, every effort should be made to satisfy the partner, humans have basic needs/instincts which need to be met, e.g food, shelter,companionship,and sex! Islam offers guidelines for marriage/sex, to the point where it is allowed for a wife to seek divorce on the grounds of not being satisfied by her husband!


        I refuse to comment on this topic..hehehe!

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          If you have no experience how would you know if the chemistry was good or bad?
          Id think everything would be good.

          Plus with all those positives how could it not be good?
          Emotional and intellectual chemistry usually leads to good chemistry elsewhere (so Ive heard).
          I'd be perfectly happy with the above. WIth a good base i'm sure everything else could be sorted out.


          I think the hadith for the woman who divorced her husband was because he DID NOT sleep with her.

          Could you imagine the divorce rate if every woman who was NOT satisfied did get a divorce?

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            Interesting how ONLY GUYS ARE RESPONDING..

            Anyway, personally, the way that everything abt sex and how it is is all out in the open and everything on how it really SHOULD BE (yes, we are talking about the big O), then, usually the ppl havent had it still have SOME idea of what it should be like (ya know, the fireworks, the stars, yada yada)

            I'm not sure if i would LEAVE my would seriously depend on how much i love my husband...Cuz if I didnt luv him PLUS he was a loser in bed, then maybe.......

            Granted, marriage isnt about only that but WHAT THE HELL AM I WAITING HERE FOR?!


              ....he swears to her. "Cannot find the comfort in this world."

              ......and i'll wait up in the dark for you to speak to me.... and i'll open up... release me...
              -black jewels of insignificance.
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                Like who here appriciates sex anyways. It's for imature people I think. Like all that sick stuff that happens. You people make me sick!

                You Smell What The Naseer's cookin!?
                The Peoples Champ,
                Naseer Malik


                  Naseer you're an idiot man.
                  How can you say sex is sick. Sex is part of
                  life and is an integral aspect of marriage.
                  Plus, it is an act of virtue when bound by

                  PEOPLE, JUST LISTEN TO ME. God has given
                  most men good health to start with and
                  its up to them to maintain it. If you don't
                  take care of yourself, and you suck in bed,
                  then its not your wife's fault if she leaves
                  you. Same goes for the wife if she's frigid.
                  I can't think of any good reason why someone
                  wouldn't perform well in bed, being a man
                  that is. Impotency has its causes but it
                  usually appears much later on in life.
                  Sure if you've been screwing donkeys then
                  you have a problem but for normal people
                  it shouldnt occur. Good exercise and healthy
                  diet ensures that you remain up and going
                  for life.

                  For ladies, well, I guess they just ought to
                  shed their inhibitions a bit. Personally,
                  I believe women need a very understanding,
                  flexible and time-giving partner who would
                  sacrifice some of his own desire to accomodate her's and that would be a true
                  gentleman. I believe every man can teach
                  a lady to be good in bed if he knows how to
                  make her mind click.

                  More on this later...



                    OOOOO jiiiii aaa wwee koyeee maslaa haigaayy!!!!
                    Life and ur life partner is not jugded on the bed.
                    Think Over it!



                      If you or your spouse has a problem with your sexual life.. i recommend you either see a sex therapist.. or switch to EDUCATIONAL MOVIES.

                      If this doesnt help..... then may GOD have mercy on you.


                        I'm not sure what most people are expecting after marriage. But I don't think that most Pakistanis are looking for a sexual relationship which is worthy of a XXX rating. If both partners have the equipment and everything is intact, I don't see how sex could be an obstacle, especially when everything else is so right. Communication with your spouse is the key, you have to let him/her know that they aren't performing to your standards and you can move on from there. If they are as perfect as you say they are, they won't mind some constructive criticism and most likely will give it their all to improve their performance in bed.

                        If you leave them cause they can't perform (to your expectations), I think your the one who needs help. Because your expectations of a *porno* star for a spouse are just too high.


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