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The Best Thing a Man Can Do. . .

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    The Best Thing a Man Can Do. . .

    "The best thing a man can do for his children is love his wife . . ."

    Thoughts, comments ... ?

    If you reverse the statement:

    "The best thing a woman can do for her children is love her husband."

    You may get into some trouble. In certain circumstances this may be true. In others its not the case. Women who are victims of spousal abuse would be better off leaving their husbands, rather than continuing to love them. In fact, such a decision to leave would most likely be in the best interest of their children.

    Maybe a better statement would be:

    "A woman needs a man, like a fish needs a bicycle"


      In my thoughts
      " The best thing a Person can do for his future generations is 'select a right person' for his/her life"


        Well i think a best thing a man can do is be honest with his family and love ones!!!!
        i believe in honesty


          How about the best thing parents can do for their children is to spend time with them and listen to them. Dont be their friends instead, try to be their parents like it was meant to be.

          Later on


   true! the best thing a man can do for his CHILDREN is love his wife...meaning..not "cheat" on her! can really screw up many lives if he does...hmmmm...a kid can never grow out of it...those that have been thru it know...


              "Trust" forms the basis of every relationship..for sure, if a man loves his wife, the children are going to benefit most...and besides bringing them up, this is the best a man can do. However, the wife on the her part should not be perfidious..she must in return love the husband sincerely!

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                This is the least a man has to do for his children, Anything less and there is no justification of bringing them in this world.
                I know my view is a bit strict , but this is the way I take kids and what we owe them.



                  hmmmmmmm my two cents

                  Muzna jee,
                  If u dont mind can i say that urs statement needs a little bit correction.

                  "The best thing "parents" can do for their kidz is to love each other."

                  Raising a child is a very sensitive and difficult thing as it needs a lots of sacrifies by both sides i.e. from dad as well as from mom.

                  Besides love their come understanding between each other and respect for each other.
                  Lack of understanding between parents usually results in the form of confused child.
                  I know a girl whose parents has been fighting with each other from the first day of their married life, better to say WARRIOR LIFE. They fights on very small issues. They have six kidz which are living phisically so close to each other, i mean in the same home, but their thinking, their minds and their hearts are standing so far from each other.

                  Their dad alwayz used harsh and rude language for his wife as well as for his kidz. And now those kids use to have harsh, rude and bad language and feelings for each other. They think that all of them are enemy of each other.

                  Tolerence lacks in them, Love for each other and for their parents lacks in them, boldness lacks in them. They are not normal kidz in any way.

                  If any one of their parents sacrificed in the past the kidz would be better one.

                  And if both of the parents understand each other, loved each other, respect each other, sacrificed for each other, their kidz would be a brightening star of their family.

                  An interesting thing about this story is their marriage was totally arranged marriage.

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                    Great feedback everyone!

                    One thing I must point out. . . the statement is in quotation marks. . signifying that I am not the author.

                    I do believe that mutual respect, trust and understanding needs to exist. . .but it has to begin somewhere. . and based on our "eastern" cultural and moral system .. the man leads. .nahin?


                      Some very unfortunate examples in my life, compell me to have a great respect for whoever made the statment.