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Pakistani Culture Is Leavin Its Origin?

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    Pakistani Culture Is Leavin Its Origin?

    Salam All,
    Well Here i wanna talk about the pakistani cultures divertion too another dimension.
    Yesterday i was visiting a local school XyZ
    and there it was like i am somewhere in a different world. like everybody had left his basic culture. i have also attented schools but i nenver saw such behavior and attitude and things.
    So is our new generation is mislead or they are lead by some mod parents and teachers????
    itz a big question.
    Allah Hafiz

    Hey Umar .. i agree with u .. man !! its so different ... i dont know up to what level of school ur talking about ... but if u compare school in USA and in pakistan, i think that there the situation is worst and seems out of hands then its here..... when i went to school in pakistan ,.... i knew the meaning of word "discipline" and "respect" but the students now dont seem to have this word in their dictionary or have totally differnt meanings ... who is responsible .. well i think media and the so called "UPPER SOCIETY" what every one tries to mimic and think is the cool......i wont hold parents or teachers solely responsible for this .. i think that when we are in 6th grade ... we know that what we are doing is good or bad .. like being Mr. or Miss attitude...

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