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    just checking

    I'm new to this forum and I'm just checking if my message will be put up on the board. I've been trying so many times to reply and my message won't get posted!
    Anyways, happy new year everybody. Sab ko neya saal mubarak. Saria nu mere vallo neye saal de lak lak mubarak hove.


    [This message has been edited by Rubiya Nur (edited July 30, 2000).]


      Salam Rubia jee

      Thanks for making me feel at home. You know, main kafee dinon se aap sab ke posting read kar rahe hoon. I always wanted to join in your gup shup but was kind of nervous. Aap ke response ne to mujhe tordhe se himmat deh de hai. Thanks for replying.


        x amount if salaams memoona jee...

        loads of respect and a warm welcome...

        tay nervous hon dee koi lor naee.. ethay tay mere wargay kamlay wee kiwain dharallay naal gallan ker jaanday nay!


          Jewel saab

          Mere vallo ve tuhanu Salaam. I have read quite a few of your posts. Aap to bohut hi zara vakre type de bande hain. Anyways, talk to u later.


            Salaam Memoona,
            I am new here too. I like this site where I can communicate with people from my own country. Happy new year to all.


              Asalamalaikum Naila

              Welcome aboard. I'm still a little quiet. But I'm getting use to it. Well, c-ya


                Assalamu alaikum!

                Welcome to GUPSHUP Memoona and Naila! u guyz got cute names! hmmm, try the meeting new ppl's forum too...u will find many nice and friendly ppl there! hope u enjoy it here!

                see ya around
                Khuda hafiz



                  welcome by me too,
                  to both of u

                  Aaha shair ban giya, shair ban gaya

                  yeh hai kay shair main wazan nahin, but meray liyay yeh shair hai, shair hai, shair hai

                  n e wayz hope to see you soon
                  us waqt taak keep smiling like this & this


                    Hayaaji and Samreenji Salaam

                    Thankyou for the warm welcome. Aap logo ne to dil kush kardia meethi meethi baathein karke. Well talk to you guys later. Hope to see you around.


                      Wow two newcomers..!!

                      naila and mamoona... we need you here... atleast i need you here.. i feel very good when i see newcomers over here... a new person on the forum means a new idea, a new way of thinking, a new degree of wisdom, a new point of view, a new face of the world, a new level of intellect, a new taste, a new personality, a new experience, a new friend, a new helper, a new problem, a new fight, a new hope, a new smile, a new wish, a new leaf to the little plant, a new petal to the little rose, a new morning to the age passing by, a new idea in a confused mind,a new wish for for life, a new reason to stay alive, a new world!
                      naila and mamoona... we need you here... atleast i need you here..

                      ......and i'll wait up in the dark for you to speak to me.... and i'll open up... release me...
                      -black jewels of insignificance.
                      [email protected]


                        Adaab Jewel saab

                        Thankyou for the interesting welcome. talk to you later. Oh by the way, aap ka webpage to bada hi dilchusp kism ka hia.



                          Salaams Memoona ji,

                          Just wanted you to know, that I am a newcomer myself, and that you'll soon feel very comfortable here; kuch logon ki khush ikhlaaqi sey, jhijak chali jaati hay;Merey liye Shaira, Saria, Samreen aur khaas taur pay Hayaa, woh khush ikhlaaq log saabit huay So don't feel nervous

                          Tey Ji aayaan nu; eithay taanu kamley wi milan gay; tey merey vargay navay wi; kabraana na bus


                            Sariah nu salaam

                            Thankyou for the warm welcome. Ji yahan to sab log bohut hi ache hain. Dil karta hai poora din yahan par hi guzaaroon. talk to u later.


                              Thank you every one for the warm welcome.