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    So Loooooooooooooooong

    Dear Friends:

    As this year takes it last breath, I must also submit my last post here. I would like to thanks all of you for the valuable inputs, uncoditional love, and respect. I especially would like to thank three people who have always treated me with respect in this forum. Bro Zman, Rubiya, and Kashgirl. I don't leave with any regrets or with anger I just feel it's time to try something new. In my final thoughts I would like apologize if any of my posts offended or insulted anyone. I hope you will have the heart to forgive me. I am sure someday we will meet again afterall it's a small world after all!!! Oh by the way, if you feel I can be any help to you. Please do not hesitate to contact me at the following address.

    [email protected]

    To the Moderator, Please go ahead delete my profile from your list. Thanks

    Arif AKA Dilwale

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      Rubiya Jee:

      Aap nay mujhay jhoota ker dia by making me write this response. Lately I have been distracted by so many things that I was having a brain meltdown. One of the thing I notice was that I was spending too much time with Gup Shup friends and with my Dilwaali via ICQ chat. So I figured, if I banned myslef from this forum and make other changes in my life may be then I can get back doing what I do best. That's all. Did you recently change your e-mail address? If so pls send me your new E-mail. You know I love you all!


        Dilwale yaar,
        It's your call...what can I say. Wherever you be, be good and take care man. Have a good new year, and good luck with your dilwali. Alwayz remember muaa whenevr you sing
        "Likey jow khatt tujhey", and oh yeah,
        likewise if you ever hit Toronto or need me for anything else, feel free to email me.

        Over & Out!
        For reason, ruling alone, is a force confining - and passion, unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction - Khalil Gibran


          Like Umar said it is your choice.

          But, can't you come back and visit? Set limits! 1 or 2 hours a week, could be good.

          I know how addictive it is. I've really cut down my gupp shupp time because I was spending way to much time. I made sure I talked to my friends and kept in touch with them. Ramadan has helped because I make myself do my prayers and read Quran b4 I get on the Internet and often Iím to tired or my brothers are on so I can't.

          Take care, I'll miss your perspective. Iíll miss having another health care person to gupp with. Keep in touch and Iíll do the same and yes there is always e-mail.


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            Thank you for all your love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Moderator don't delate my profile yet! Consider me on Vacation for a while! Will chat again once I sort out everything.

            Rubiya ji have you been getting my e-mail??



              yey! WAyYYY to Go!

              For reason, ruling alone, is a force confining - and passion, unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction - Khalil Gibran



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                  Arif. . .

                  Delete your profile? No way.

                  Sorry dude but you gotta come back. What you are going through is not new. I think that every long-term member here will tell you that they faced the very same "addiction" that you are speaking of in your post.

                  Don't worry about it. Yes, take control of your time and manage it well. But no, don't quit cold-turkey. That is never the right approach to handle any situation that requires attention . . . but from what I know of you. . . I think you already know that.

                  See you back soon inshallah!


                    Dilwale : Come back dude. If you really decide not to then best of luck and I'm sure our paths will cross on the net or in person.

                    Later on


                      Hey !! Dilwale u seem to be very pouplar around here .. i wonder if ur taking off since i landed .. if not then atleast give us a chance to say hello to you .. greet u happy new year and many more ..... so i think ur staying here coz i really can't live with the thought in mind that u are leave gupp shupp since i joined it ...i appreicate your cooperation.....

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