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BBC report on Taleban

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    BBC report on Taleban

    This really disturbs me. I really hope that Afghanistan learns from this and I hope Allah punishes those responsible.

    However, this may not all be the work of the Taleban - there are the opposition who are being funded by the US to overthrow the Taleban. We all know how deceitful the CIA can be and how it sometimes creates events for it's own gain.

    Allah knows best.

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    The footage shows a veiled woman dragged to the centre of the pitch, and forced to kneel facing the goal posts.

    She is shot dead to the cheers of the watching crowds.

    Any place where an execution draws cheers from the spectators is diseased in the worst possible way.

    May Allah guide us all, Ameen.


      The men controlling and abusing women must harbor immense hate for women.

      It should be subject of study, why some men feel powerful by subjugating, imprisoning and demeaning is interesting to note that these kind of men have support of other men.


        Yes they do. But I also know that there is more here than meets the eye. I smell a rat (US).


          This is not the first time that the news stories or pictures of women being subject to capital punishment in Afghanistan are spread. I have no doubt that these take place.

          There are certain crimes for which a criminal, regardless of sex, is given a capital punishment in Islam - murder and illicit sex are just two examples. Even in United States, the champion of human rights, they execute dozens of criminals. They even executed a woman recently. Why would the gender of the criminal make it any different?

          Moving to Afghanistan, there are several aspects of this story which are remarkable. First of all, it is sponsored by RAWA so it is written in a very biased way. Regardless, lets assume that the facts are correct. We don't know for what crime did they punish that woman? Maybe she committed a murder or maybe she was a prostitute. We don't know. They, Taaliban, have enacted Islamic penal code, and like US Penal code they do not hesitate to award capital punishment for crimes that warrant death.

          Since the story is written in a very biased way, so I am not sure how accurate it is, but it was sad to read that the crowd cheered the death. Islam prescribes punishments but it also tells us that death is a sacred and thought-provoking event. The crowd, instead of cheering, should be praying and looking inside their souls for reprentance of all known and unknown sins. Even the woman who is executed is entitled to a namaaz-e-janaaza, cz her sins (whatever) have been punished in this world. Cheering at such an occassion can only be ascribed to lack of knowledge and excessive zeal.


            well.............I agree that whatever is shown on TV was indeed disturbing and I was thinking "Are these poeple really beleive on Holy Prophet (SAW)" and I also agree that documentry may be delibrately twisted towords Taliban. BUT who will gain from such things well I think of few things

            1-To include pakistan in this and as result decalre pakistan a terrorist country. India is trying for long time to do this on diplomatic level and also through propaganda.

            2-Piture Islam and Muslim in such way that every ordinary man thinks that Muslims are like that. Well this will help Israel and US in future because this will make it easy for them to commit aggression against any Muslim country on the name of "PEACE KEPPING" in the region.

            3- Finally I think It is possible that US secretly helping Taliban because it will help them. Like in Iraq, US and west were helping Iraq against Iran in war and then when they destroyed Iran, they also destroyed the Iraq, As a result their puppet (sadam) becomes hero for Muslims and people of Iraq. I mean you really think that despite the best army and commandos and satellites and the power US could not kill Sadam???

            "Away from Eyes......Close to Heart"

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              I wouldn't trust anything from RAWA.


                I saw the entire documentary, now if I were someone who didn’t know anything about the history and the tension and conspiracies between the different ethnic groups of Afghanistan, I would myself hate the Taliban, because it was disturbing. But I laughed the entire show with my father and cousins who few weeks ago came from Pakistan and worked with Taleban hand-to-hand in NWFP. Now the interesting thing here is that all the so-called “Afghan Today” interviews in the documentary were in Farsi, and there was only one interview by a man in Pashto that was from 1988. Everyone knows that Farsi speaking Afghans are supporter of communism, the opposition, RAWA and bought Iranian puppets, where 90 percent of Taliban supporters are Pashto speaking Pashtoons who make out the majority of the population of Afghanistan. Now you tell me, why not a single “Afghan today” interview was in Pashto or by a Pashtoon? Hypocrisy! Even the Afghan WRG (women rights group) president in Peshawar spoke Farsi. NOT A SINGLE INTERVIEW IN PASHTO IN ENTIRE AFGHANISTAN!!!! What does that tell you? And in the documentary it said that Taliban don’t allowed women to get out of home, while the next second they were showing women on streets wearing Burqaz. The entire show is BS because the guy who made it was kicked out of the Red Cross group in Afghanistan after the Taliban reported that he have been violating their rules. This was his chance to get back at them.

                *We are the Taleban-Resistance is Futile*
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                  Do you have any website that talks good thing about taleban? If yes, can you post it here? I would really like to read them

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                    You only have to look at how the CIA propoganda machine worked in Iran, Cuba etc to figure out that there is something wrong. We have more ways of getting information these days so this propoganda machine isn't as effective as it once would have been. But there are still people out there that take things at face value. Instead of doing something to help the Afghani population, they point fingers at them. We should give them our Zakat, some of the people there are starving.

                    Did you know that the Taleban have destroyed mostly all the poppy fields in Afghanistan? They used to import 90% of the worlds opium and now that figure is closer to zero! I wonder why they didn't publicise that fact??

                    Under an Islamic state, you have rules of Shariah. These have to be obided by.


                      The reporter for the documentary, Saira Shah, is my cousin. When the crew went out to Afghanistan they actually had tons of footage and interviews etc with people other tha RAWA but the way the final programme was edited and put together was rubbish and makes it seem biased, Apparantely no one was happy about it but by the time they found out how much was being cut it was too late.


                        Capital punishment for illicit sex? Islam? This is utterly ridiculous.

                        Originally posted by Girl from Quraysh:

                        I wouldn't trust anything from RAWA.

                        And why would that be?


                          >>Capital punishment for illicit sex? Islam?

                          Is it not? Stoning generally results in death, unless you are wearing an armour.


                            Pray tell me, in your considerably exalted and highly esteemed fountain of knowledge, how did you arrive at that conclusion that Islam awards the penalty of death on all cases of illicit sex? Hmm?


                              Renaissance, i'm going away for a bit 'n awfully exhausted right now I saw your thread in w/affairs also. I'll try and get reply to u sometime next week. In the meantime try doing a search on rawa in w/affairs i'm pretty sure there's some info on RAWA in a few older threads.