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Pakifun has Hot Desi Music in RealAudio

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    Pakifun has Hot Desi Music in RealAudio

    Our website has Hot Desi Music in Real Audio, Urdu Poetry, Jokes and Games. Eid Cards are coming soon!
    I didn't know what to write yet, 'cause I am new here. So I thought it was a good idea to introduce my website to get to know you all.

    The URL is
    Umair of:
    SalamGroup, Inc.

    SalamGroup, Inc.


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      This is my first time on this or any other forum. What can I say - so far the pakifun site is very good. I have always ended up at the (like Rubiya) and on occasions it has let me down - also the music hasn't changed for sometime. The Pakifun site seems to be a lot better and it will certainly be the one I will be turning to next time - Rubiya if you haven't tried this yet then you should do so pretty quickly.

      Once again Umair - thanks


        Hello Umair,
        Its kinda good to hear that pakistani music is on the net. But the thing which is not likely is da name
        Coz PAKI is not good to be used
        Change it to PAKs
        or PAKISTANIFUn Or like that
        Coz you should respect da COUNTRY & Ur Community.
        But it was good to see this that you have done thid job

        well i hope you think on it
        c ya