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Pak spokesmen on British TV

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    Pak spokesmen on British TV

    I was watching Newsnight on Monday where they were covering the aftermath of the Bradford riots. They were interviewing two old guys in shalwar kameez with long bushy beards. Basically nodding their heads in disappointment and cluck-clucking their shame.

    I wonder what is the point of having people like this talking to the cameras? What can they tell anyone? It's not them involved, and I doubt they have a clue.

    IMO they can only give a misleading picture of the situation. Firstly, as I have mentioned elsewhere, the rioters are almost exclusively made up of British born Pakistanis. The fact is most of them were 'having a frisk'. 'Saturday Night's alright for fightin' as it were.

    In which case interviewing a couple of old immigrants is pretty pointless. Bradford must be in a bad way if that's the best candidates they could find to represent them.

    I certainly agree with you...
    it just creates the worst image of British Pakistanis at the end of the day...but i guess that's the wat media wants to propogate.
    first of all such ppl don't belong here in the first place!
    i'm sorry for being rude but in majority the labour Asian live in such area which dont care or know wat their kids are upto as long as they get family credits etc...and they end up like total "duffers" walking around thinking Uk in ke abba ki jageer hai!
    they need a life!..and at the end of the day wat do they expect from white british if they come and live like losers in the UK!
    No care about education,health, apearence...
    i could go on forever!


      Dear The problem is there and very one expect it but now there is need of implementaiotns of talking so,its better to do it not discuss it..
      i think...