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    some of us plan to work on an idea of starting an internet-magazine for pakistani youth.. we will call it "influence"..

    i would be pleased to hear suggestins about the idea..and what will you like to see in such a magazine..?

    ......and i'll wait up in the dark for you to speak to me.... and i'll open up... release me...
    -black jewels of insignificance.
    [email protected]

    I think that is a an excellent idea. Pakistani Youth needs a common platform. There is great talent and great awareness.
    Please could you tell me one thing. What kind of censorship laws do you plan to enforce in your Publication?


    Minhaj Arifin


      What i would like to see in that magazine!
      Aaaaan Not much,
      I would like to see a lotz of poetry in that magazine .
      And yupz a li'l bit info about Pakistani politics
      Aur recipies bhi.
      I hope that the magazine will also have a show biz corner.
      And i think that publishers of magazine know that dresses are the important thing of our culture.
      Dont forget that Pakistani ppl alwayz like to be updated by sports newz!
      You know that Islam is the most important thing for Pakistani Youth.
      Aur haan Pakistani Youth cant move in this age without knowing that whatz going in the world now a dayz.

      Es kay elawa aur jo kuch aap ka ji chahay daal dijiyay ga.

      Dont ignore my wish no 1(poetry)

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        -) should there be any censorship at all?..
        -)and if there should be.. shall we go for a policy?
        -)if yes.. who will make that policy?...
        -)and what if someone challenges the capability of the policy makers?...
        -)if the policy makers impose their own policy .. where is freedom?
        -) what if the policy makers are biased?
        -) can we make everybody happy with the censorship policy?
        these and a lot of other similar questions ,i have been thinking about... and i would like you to suggest!

        all i can think of is..

        -) make a three member decision making board
        -)keep myself away from the decision making board..
        -) try to add three people having three different approaches...
        -) they will not make a policy
        -) they will discuss all the issues and come to aconclusion as to what shoudl be treated how
        -) on more debatable decisions the readers shuld be asked for their opinion...

        the last wrd is.. i'll try my best to make a balanced editorial board.. and then well we have tolive with whatever decision the board makes.. biased or just.. the readers should accept it.


        -) poetry:
        there will be a lot of poetry over there .. lost of it believe me!

        -) politics:
        i would rather liek open discussions on politics than biased and prejudiced articles from a writer to prove his point of view.

        -) religion
        religion is one of the things i would actually like people to talk about.
        the policy f the magazine will be independant of religion though.

        ......and i'll wait up in the dark for you to speak to me.... and i'll open up... release me...
        -black jewels of insignificance.
        [email protected]