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    Fast Opening Times

    Everyone here is from different backgrounds,and different countries. So what happens when it is time to open your fast, and you are still at work or school, college, etc?? What do you usually do??

    And in Pakistan, are you allowed to leave early??

    I don't know, but I've taken a couple of weeks off, so that I can practice my fast and namaz properly, instead of having interferences all the time at work.

    So what about yous????


    These days I'm working in the UK, so inshallah I'm going to be opening my fast at work. When I was working in Pakistan, yes, office timings do change to facilitate the fasts, and I used to be home for Iftar.

    I think it's great that you've taken the time off for extra ibaadat. Whereabouts do u live?



      I will go to work eary so I can be home by
      iftar time. In school, we used to break our
      fast collectively ( all muslim students).



        I will mostly likely perform the missed prayers (because of work) at night.

        "I don't know, but I've taken a couple of weeks off, so that I can practice my fast and namaz properly, instead of having interferences all the time at work."

        Regretfully Meena...I'm not as lucky. I'm going to do the best I can.



          Gosh meena it would be nice to take time off... however that's not possible.
          Iím in the U.S.

          Actually i can pray Zohr at work. I get home in time to do Asr usually. Last year I did go to one Jummah prayer but that usually is prime therapy time soÖ canít do it every Friday.

          I once had to open my fast in the car ride home. Yuck!! Then Iíd read maghrib when i got home.

          The problem is that in my job Iím on my feet all the time and running around and talking a lot. My throat get really parched and I donít get any rest time. But, then again you are supposed to maintain normal activities during fasting (other than obvious no-no).


            I will wake up in teh morning for "aftari" and then go to school come back and open my fast..aint that simple??


              You are suppose to fast while performing your routine everyday work. If you have taken the days off just for worship then it is acceptable. If you have taken off because you cannot handle both things then that's not the right thing to do. I will, for sure, will be opening my fast in my car everday.


                mkhan 303 - I have taken time off, so that I can offer all the prays on time and to make sure that I open the fast at the correct time.

                Anyway, I've recently brought a house, so I will be busy doing it up, before moving in. Who says I'm gonna be sat on my backside???

                NO rest for the wicked - eh!!!!!


                  Oh, I know what you mean! sigh.
                  This year am in a placement with the Govt.
                  Yesterday, I was in a Y2K meeting when it was time for iftaar. I had to excuse myself and take five minutes to break my fast. Usually perform missed prayers at home. These days, just drop off on the way back home to offer tarawih prayers in the mosque.

                  At the University, its not a problem. Usually break teh fast on time in a group, and even manage to do a jammat prayer for Maghrib.

                  Yup, things are a lot better in Muslim countries, and I haven't had a better Ramadan than I used to in my childhood when I was in U.A.E.

                  For reason, ruling alone, is a force confining - and passion, unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction - Khalil Gibran


                    I'm doing what Abrar is doing...Coming to work rite after Fajr prayer and leaving at 3pm in time to get home, relax and then open my fast.

                    I agree w/ Kashmirigirl...opening one's fast in the car totally sucks...

                    Meena, you are soo lucky you can take off work to deal w/ all this...although, i would prolly just sleep until 1pm and finally get up outta bed...*sigh* that would be the life


                      Why are you getting so mad, anger is something which should be controlled, that's why we keep "Roza" to teach oneself the self control. Please don't get mad because I can hardly understand what you wrote (because of the miss spellings). By the way, I am also off from work for 10 days.
                      Khuda Hafiz