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I don't know if its funny or sad ... take a peek.

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    I don't know if its funny or sad ... take a peek.

    Ali zai's topic ;

    Take a look-------now this is scary!!!!!

    I have noticed till now 104 visits and
    only 3 replys I was thinking either ppl
    really got too scared to even reply and
    as soon as they read it they turned off the
    comp and start praying. ...


    ppl don't want to know about it they can't face the reallity they like to live as
    quraan said summun bukmmun.They probably
    didn't even read the whole thing.

    if the topic was about some chat puty love or
    girls or boys or if some1 was making fun of women it would have been atleast 3/4 pages

    Is it sad or funny?


    hummmmm ... not bad.

    I keep and read my friends like a good books


      hmmm.. interesting..
      sweety pie,,, i dont know about others,,, but wen its me.. if i read something really nice,, i normally reply or sometimes i dont. depends on my mood,,, but if its a chat patty discussion going on or ppl making fun of each other,,, its a lot more fun replying to that kind of a thread... so this really doesnt mean that ppl dont care... its just that,,, err how do i put it.. well maybe its just borring replying to serious threads,, thats all, i have been guilty of not replying to many serious threads,, but i reply in most of the chat pattay funny ones,,, its just human nature i guess. and depends on the topic n personal interests as well.

      its about time i changed my signature.



        Kaka Ji,,

        Its not about a choice of liking or dis liking or nature its just a general
        thought that crossed my mind how much
        time ppl have for fun and chut patty
        batain but don't have time for listning
        or learning the ultimate reality.

        have you ever heard of elephant man he was
        so ugly that he never wana see the mirror.
        maybe all of us are elephant man we can't
        face the truth as well.

        I keep and read my friends like a good books


          its quite sad...